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UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF

UPSC Hindi Syllabus

Hindi Literature is a popular option among UPSC candidates who have a background in the development of Hindi. The UPSC Hindi Syllabus includes themes such as the History of the Hindi Language and Nagari Lipi, the History of Indian Literature, Katha Sahitya, and many more.
You should have completed the Hindi Sahitya Syllabus for UPSC and identified the topics based on weightage and your abilities. Make an excellent plan and develop a comprehensive and effective approach to complete the syllabus on time.

You can find the UPSC  Hindi Literature Syllabus in this article. This article provides you with full information regarding the UPSC Hindi syllabus that’s required to prepare for the UPSC Syllabus.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus

To create the proper style of vocabulary suitable for formulating Hindi Literature answers, students must practise as many questions as they can. You can easily finish the course in three to four months if you want to take the Mains written exam in Hindi. You should have a thorough understanding of the UPSC Mains syllabus in addition to the Hindi Literature Syllabus.

If you are interested in the Hindi language and are comfortable talking in it, select it as an optional and obtain the whole UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus in PDF format. The UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus Examination comprises two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper carries 250 marks, for a total of 500 marks for both papers.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus 2023

The UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus consists of two papers. The detailed syllabus is given in the below PDF.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus Topics
Hindi Literature UPSC Syllabus Paper 1 History of Hindi language and Nagari Lipi;History of Indian Literature;

Katha Sahitya;

Drama and theatre;


The other forms of Hindi prose are Lalit Nibandh, Rekhachitra, and others.

Hindi Literature Syllabus for UPSC Paper 2 Jayasi-Padmawat Shyam Sundar Das;Surdas-Bhramar Geet Sar;

Tulsidas- Ramcharitmanas;

Kabir- Kabir Granthavali;

Maithili Sharan Gupta- Bharat Bharati;

Bihari- Bihari Ratnakar Jagannath Prasad Ratnakar;

Prasad- Kamayani;

Nirala- Rag Virag;

Nagarjun: Badal ko Ghirte Dekha Hai;

Mohan Rakesh: Ashad Ka Ek Din;

Ramchandra Shukla: Chintamani (Part I) (Kavita Kya Hai);

Satyendra: Nibandh Nilaya

UPSC Hindi Syllabus Paper 1 PDF

The History of the Hindi Language and Nagari Lipi, the History of Indian Literature, are covered in Paper 1 of the Hindi Literature Optional Syllabus. There are 250 total marks for Paper 1.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download Paper 1 & 2 PDF_4.1


UPSC Hindi Syllabus Paper 1 PDF

The Jayasi-Padmawat Shyam Sundar Das, Surdas-Bhramar Geet Sar, Tulsidas-Ramcharitmanas, Kabir-Kabir Granthavali, and many other authors are discussed in the Hindi Literature optional Syllabus or the UPSC Paper 2 and are further broken down into subtopics.

UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download Paper 1 & 2 PDF_5.1

This article discusses the complete UPSC Hindi syllabus for UPSC/IAS. Candidates can download the PDF in this article. For more details related to UPSC Examination; students can visit the official website of StudyIQ UPSC Online Coaching.

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What is the UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus?

The following are the subjects covered by the UPSC Hindi Literature Syllabus: the history of the Hindi language and Nagari Lipi, the history of Indian literature, A few examples include Katha Sahitya, Surdas-Bhramar Geet Sar, and Jayasi-Padmawat Shyam Sundar Das.

Is there Hindi subject in UPSC?

No, Hindi Language is not a required subject for UPSC Mains unless you specifically select it as such. Hindi is an additional UPSC Mains and Preliminary exam language option. Ques.

What is the qualifying marks for UPSC Hindi?

Each paper is three hours long and worth a total of 300 marks. To qualify, candidates must score at least 75 (or 25%) in each of these two papers.

What are the 7 subjects of UPSC?

This exam is designed to gauge a candidate's general knowledge of a variety of topics, including Indian politics, geography, history, economics, science and technology, the environment and ecology, international relations, and related UPSC current events.

UPSC better in English or Hindi?

You may have taken the UPSC exam in English, but if you believe you would perform better if you speak Hindi, Tamil, or another regional language that is your native tongue, you can do so. In truth, there are many intelligent people in India who are fluent in written English but struggle to converse in it.

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