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Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary

The Telangana High Court conducts Telangana Judicial Service examinations to enlist qualified candidates for diverse roles. These exams occur yearly to occupy civil and district judges’ positions, with vacancies announced on the Telangana High Court’s official site. Go through this article to learn about the Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary structure in Detail.

Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary

The Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary ranges from INR 77,840 to INR 1,36,520 per month, as per the revised scales. Additionally, Civil Judges receive allowances and perks along with their basic pay, contributing to an annual salary between INR 9.3 lakhs to 16.3 lakhs approximately. This attractive compensation package, coupled with job security and opportunities for career advancement, makes the position of Civil Judge in the Telangana High Court highly desirable.

Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary overview
Salary Range INR 77,840 to INR 1,36,520 per month
Annual Salary Range Approximately INR 9.3 lakhs to 16.3 lakhs
Allowances and Perks Provided in addition to basic pay
Job Security High
Career Growth Opportunities Available based on seniority and performance

Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary Structure

Becoming a Civil Judge in the Telangana High Court is not only a prestigious accomplishment but also a financially rewarding career path. Apart from the honor of serving justice, Civil Judges in Telangana receive competitive salaries and various allowances, making it an attractive profession for aspiring legal professionals.

Basic Pay

The cornerstone of the Telangana High Court Civil Judge salary structure is the basic pay, which ranges from INR 77,840 to INR 1,36,520 per month. This basic pay forms the foundation upon which additional allowances and perks are calculated.

Allowances and Perks

In addition to the basic pay, Civil Judges in Telangana are entitled to various allowances and perks, enhancing their overall compensation package. These allowances include:

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA): The dearness allowance is provided to compensate for the rising cost of living and is adjusted periodically based on government norms and inflation rates.
  2. House Rent Allowance (HRA): Civil Judges receive HRA to assist with accommodation expenses. The amount of HRA varies depending on the location of the judge’s residence, with higher rates applicable in metropolitan areas.
  3. Travel Allowances: To facilitate official travel, Civil Judges are reimbursed for travel expenses incurred while performing their duties. These allowances cover transportation costs, including fuel expenses or public transportation fares.
  4. Rent Allowance: In addition to HRA, Civil Judges may also receive rent allowances to offset rental expenses, particularly if they do not opt for government-provided accommodation.

Additional Benefits

Apart from the basic pay and allowances, Civil Judges in Telangana High Court are eligible for additional benefits, including pension after retirement. This ensures financial security for judges post-retirement, providing them with a stable source of income during their golden years.

Total Annual Salary Range

Taking into account the basic pay, allowances, and additional benefits, the total annual salary range for Telangana High Court Civil Judges falls between approximately INR 9.3 lakhs to 16.3 lakhs. This lucrative compensation package reflects the significance of their role within the judicial system and rewards their dedication to upholding justice and the rule of law.

Telangana High Court Civil Judge In-Hand Salary

The in-hand salary of a Telangana High Court Civil Judge can vary depending on several factors, including their grade, years of service, and any additional deductions. However, to provide an approximate estimation, let’s consider the basic pay range provided in the official notification, which is between INR 77,840 to INR 1,36,520 per month.

Assuming a Civil Judge falls within the mid-range of this scale, with a basic pay of around INR 1,07,180 per month, we can calculate the approximate in-hand salary as follows:

  1. Basic Pay: INR 1,07,180 per month
  2. Deductions:
    • Income Tax: Deductions as per the prevailing tax slab rates.
    • Provident Fund (PF): Contribution towards PF, typically a fixed percentage of the basic pay.
    • Professional Tax (if applicable): State-specific tax deductions, if applicable in Telangana.
    • Other miscellaneous deductions, if any.

Telangana High Court Civil Judge Job Profile

The job profile of a Telangana High Court Civil Judge encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities within the judicial system. Civil Judges play a crucial role in upholding justice, interpreting laws, and ensuring the fair resolution of civil and criminal cases. Below is a detailed overview of the key aspects of the job profile:

Responsibilities Description
Decide civil cases with small pecuniary stake Civil Judges preside over civil cases involving relatively smaller financial disputes.
Determine acceptance and examination of evidence They assess the admissibility and relevance of evidence presented during court proceedings.
Authority to write decree Civil Judges have the authority to issue decrees, which are formal orders or judgments of the court.
Determine liability or damages in Civil cases They are responsible for determining the liability of parties and awarding damages in civil cases.
Interpret and apply laws to announce verdicts Civil Judges interpret and apply relevant laws and legal principles to deliver judgments.
Examine/question witnesses and testimonies They question witnesses and examine testimonies to ascertain facts and gather evidence.

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Telangana High Court Civil Judge Salary FAQs

What is the salary of a High Court judge in Telangana?

Telangana Judiciary Salary 2023, Civil Judge and District ... The in-hand Telangana High Court District Judge Salary ranges from Rs. 1,44,840/- to Rs. 1,94,660/- per month.

What is the highest salary of civil judge?

The average salary for Civil Judge & Magistrate is ₹2,67,017 per month in the India. The average additional cash compensation for a Civil Judge & Magistrate in the India is ₹2,39,317, with a range from ₹2,28,766 - ₹2,49,869.

What is a High Court Judges salary?

The salary of the High Court Judges in India is Rs. 2,25,000 whereas the salary of the Chief Justice of the High Court is Rs. 2,50,000.

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