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Surajkund Mela 2024, Theme, Partner Nations, History, Significance

Surajkund Mela 2024

The 37th edition of the highly anticipated Surajkund Mela 2024 has commenced, promising an extravaganza of cultural richness, heritage celebration, and artistic brilliance. Held annually in February, this event draws crowds from across the globe to the historic Surajkund, also known as the ‘Lake of the Sun.’ Organized by the Haryana Tourism Department, the Surajkund Mela has become a significant contributor to the upswing in tourism in Faridabad, Haryana.

Surajkund Mela 2024 – An Overview

Event Surajkund Mela 2024
Date February 2 to 18
Edition 37th
Venue Surajkund, Faridabad, Haryana
Time 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Ticket Price Rs.120 on weekdays
Rs.180 on weekends
Theme State Gujarat

SurajKund Mela 2024 Theme 

The 37th Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2024, which runs from February 2–18, 2024, will feature Gujarata as the theme state. The fair will showcase Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage, traditions, folklore, music, and artistry. The fair complex, including decorations and stalls, will be adorned with elements reflecting the rich heritage of Gujarati culture. 

Surajkund Mela 2024 – Unveiling the Venue and Operational Hours

Discover the cultural spectacle of Surajkund Mela 2024 as it unfolds its vibrant gates daily from 10 am to 7 pm at the enchanting Surajkund Mela Ground. Nestled just 8 kilometers away from Faridabad in the state of Haryana, this picturesque town sets the stage for a mesmerizing experience. Surajkund, renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural richness, provides the perfect backdrop for this annual celebration.

Surajkund Mela 2024 – Admission Details and Ticket Prices

Gain access to the Surajkund International Craft Mela at a nominal cost. On weekdays (Monday to Friday), the entry fee is set at ₹120 per ticket, offering attendees a budget-friendly opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural extravaganza. As the weekend approaches (Saturday and Sunday), the ticket price rises to ₹180, ensuring a delightful experience for weekend visitors.

Special Discounts for Select Groups

For students seeking to explore the rich tapestry of the Surajkund Mela on weekdays, a 50% discount is available upon presentation of a valid student ID card. This concession opens the doors for educational institutions to participate actively in this cultural celebration. Moreover, senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, and soldiers are entitled to a 50% discount on entry tickets, extending the opportunity to experience the Mela’s charm every day of the week.

Surajkund International Crafts Mela History

The fair was started in 1987 and is now considered one of the largest handicraft fairs in South Asia. The fair showcases a variety of traditional art, handicrafts, and cultural performances from different states of India and countries from around the world. Visitors can buy handicrafts, sample regional cuisines, and enjoy cultural performances and folk music. The fair provides a platform for artisans and craftsmen to showcase their skills and promote the rich cultural heritage of India.

Surajkund Mela 2024 Highlights

The 37th Surajkund International Crafts Mela will take place from February 2–18, 2024. The annual festival is a showcase of art, culture, and craftsmanship, and is considered the world’s largest crafts fair.

The Mela also includes traditional folk dances, musical shows, and puppet skits.  The Mela features a variety of exhibitions, including Pottery, Handlooms, Woodcraft, Metalware, and Traditional paintings. The Mela aims to revive India’s fading arts and offers a platform for artists and artisans from around the world to showcase their talents. 

The Mela is located in Surajkund, District of Faridabad. The nearest metro station is Badarpur Metro Station on the Violet Line, which is about 13 kilometers away. Surajkund is also well-connected to Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad by road. 

Surajkund Mela 2024 Partner Nations 

Tanzania is the partner nation for this year’s Surajkund International Crafts Mela, while Gujarat is the theme state.

Tanzania, renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes and diverse wildlife, is also a vibrant canvas for artistic expression and cultural richness. The local arts and crafts scene in Tanzania showcases a fusion of creativity and tradition, spanning from the detailed beadwork of the Maasai to the contemporary art movements in urban hubs.

Embedded in the heart of Tanzania’s artistry is a profound connection to cultural heritage. Traditional crafts, handed down through generations, serve as a testament to the artistic prowess of various ethnic groups. The Maasai, are known for their intricate beadwork, and skillfully craft jewellery, clothing, and decorative pieces that mirror their cultural identity and historical roots. Meanwhile, the Makonde people are celebrated for their masterful wood carvings, and the Chaga people showcase their expertise in crafting baskets, mats, and utensils from locally sourced materials.

Surajkund Mela 2024 Significance 

The Surajkund Mela is an annual cultural and crafts fair held in the Surajkund area of Faridabad, Haryana, India. The event typically takes place in the first half of February, lasting for about two weeks. While specific details may vary each year, the significance of the Surajkund Mela lies in its celebration of traditional crafts, arts, and cultural diversity.

  • Promotion of Traditional Crafts: The Surajkund Mela serves as a platform for traditional artisans and craftsmen from various parts of India to showcase their skills. It provides a market for handmade crafts, textiles, pottery, woodwork, and more.
  • Cultural Performances: The Mela features a vibrant display of cultural performances, including folk dances, music, and other traditional art forms. This helps in preserving and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Showcasing Diversity: The fair brings together artisans and performers from different states of India, highlighting the country’s cultural diversity. Each state typically has its pavilion, showcasing unique art, crafts, and traditions.
  • Tourism and Trade: Surajkund Mela attracts a large number of visitors, including tourists, art enthusiasts, and traders. It fosters economic opportunities for artisans and encourages tourism in the region.
  • Theme-based Approach: Each year, the Surajkund Mela focuses on a specific theme, often highlighting a particular state, craft, or cultural aspect. This theme-based approach adds a unique flavor to each edition of the fair.

Surajkund Mela 2024 UPSC 

Surajkund International Crafts Mela is relevant to the UPSC exam from several perspectives, including its cultural significance, economic significance, and tourism potential. As a showcase of India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, it provides valuable insight into the country’s rich cultural heritage, and its potential for cultural, economic, and tourism development.

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Surajkund Mela 2024 FAQs

When Surajkund Mela will start in 2024?

Surajkund Mela 2024 was started on 2nd February 2024.

What is Surajkund Mela famous for?

Surajkund Mela is famous for showcasing diverse cultural heritage & traditional crafts from across India, promoting the local economy & tourism.

In which state is Surajkund Mela held every year?

Surajkund Mela is held in the state of Haryana every year.

Which state is Surajkund?

Surajkund is in state of Haryana.

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