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StudyIQ Abhyaas: Daily Answer Writing Practice 30 September 2023

Q) “The frequency of landslides appears to have increased in the recent past. In light of the statement, identify the landslide prone regions of India and discuss the extent of their vulnerability. (15 marks, 250 words)

ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि हाल के दिनों में भूस्खलन की आवृत्ति बढ़ी है। कथन के आलोक में, भारत के भूस्खलन प्रवण क्षेत्रों की पहचान करें और उनकी संवेदनशीलता की सीमा पर चर्चा करें।”

Demand of the Question– This question demands understanding of the geophysical phenomenon of landslides, map of threat area, its origins, implication and mitigation.

Directive Word– The first part, though without any keywords demands establishing of the facts, with reasons and causes. Identify- This requires marking on a mark the required areas. Discuss- this requires mentioning of the vulnerabilities, write about the reasons for the same and the ways to mitigate them.

Structure of the Answer

Intro– Describe the phenomena of landslides. And draw a map indicating risk zones in India.

Body– In the first part, provide recent incidences of landslides, along with reasons why they are increasing with time. In the second part, describe the landslide prone zones of India, using Zonal Maps of the Landslide risks. In the next part, mention the possible threats, and vulnerabilities of landslides in the regions, and their possible implications. In the last section, mention the NDMA guidelines to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Conclusion– State the urgency of mitigating landslides. Suggest some measures for the same.

Part of Syllabus– GS Paper 1- Important Geophysical phenomenon & GS Paper 3- Disaster and disaster management.


Q) “Critically discussing the role of the gig economy, highlights its status in India. (15 marks, 250 words)

गिग अर्थव्यवस्था की भूमिका की आलोचनात्मक चर्चा करते हुए भारत में इसकी स्थिति पर प्रकाश डालिए।”

Demand of the Question– The question demands understanding of the gig economy, its positives and negatives over the Indian economy.

Directive Word– Critically discuss- This keyword demands mentioning what is gig economy. Along with it, it requires discussing positives and negatives equally. Highlight- This requires bringing out the status of the gig economy through the above discussion.

Structure of the Answer

Intro– Describe what a gig economy is and mention the status data of it in India.

Body– State the importance of it in the first part. In the second part, mention what are the advantages of a gig economy. In the next part, mention what are the challenges and disadvantages of it. Give examples and reasons. In a small section mention what are the initiatives for supporting this.

Conclusion– Conclude by highlighting what is the status of the gig economy by stating the numbers, its growth patterns, sectors of expansion and future perspectives.

Part of Syllabus– GS Paper 3- Indian Economy


Q) What is the Terahertz Range(THR)? Discuss potential applications of it. (10 marks, 150 words)

टेराहर्ट्ज़ रेंज (टीएचआर) क्या है? इसके संभावित अनुप्रयोगों पर चर्चा कीजिए।

Demand of the Question– This question directly demands know-how of Terahertz Range and its applications. It becomes difficult to tackle such pin-pointed direct technical questions without precise knowledge.

Directive Word– What- demands basic definition of THR. Discuss- This requires mentioning applications along and its descriptions.

Structure of the Answer

Intro– Describe THR.

Body– Mention about potential applications both currently and in future. In the second part, discuss its advantages and its disadvantages.

Conclusion– Conclude by stating the importance of THR.

Part of Syllabus– GS Paper 3- Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life.

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