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Stats IQ: State of India’s Environment Report 2023

Context: State of India’s Environment Report 2023 has been released by non-profit Centre for Science and Environment.

Topics covered Topics ranging from climate change, agriculture and industry to water, plastics, forests and biodiversity have been covered in the report.
Water body encroachment More than 30,000 water bodies in the country have been encroached.
Municipal solid waste About 150,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated in India every day. More than half of it is either dumped in landfills or remains unattended.
Effects of air pollution on lifespan Four years and 11 months is the average lifespan lost to air pollution in India.

Compared to urban India, rural India is losing more years due to air pollution-related health issues.

Extreme weather events India has witnessed extreme weather events on 271 days. These events have claimed over 2,900 lives.
 SDG performance Global rank in meeting the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) of India has slipped by nine places.

India’s ranking is lower than its four South Asian neighbors namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Cases of Environmental crimes Environmental cases have remained unaffected.  Courts need to decide on 245 cases every day to clear the backlog.
Agriculture and forests There is strong evidence of efficacy of traditional and regenerative farming methods.

Despite loss in forest areas, there is a positive trend of communities demanding their rights over forests, and these rights are being granted.

Plastic waste The issue of plastic waste remains relevant but cities are becoming more knowledgeable about waste management, segregating waste at the source, minimizing plastic usage, and transforming waste into valuable resources.

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