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Case Study of the Day: Safe City – Suraksha Setu Project of Surat

Context: The Government of Gujarat launched the initiative called Safe City – Suraksha Setu, which is a community policing initiative for strengthening police-public partnership.

About Safe City – Suraksha Setu Project

  • Triggers for the project
    • High Volume of Vehicular Traffic
    • Threat of Terrorist Activities
    • Rising Population leading to poor people to police ratio
    • Traffic Awareness Movements
  • Objectives of the Project
    • Surveillance
    • Crime prevention and detection
    • Post incident forensic examination
    • Traffic management and enforcement
    • Providing disaster management support
    • Pollution control measures (Pollution Sensors)
  • Project Components
    • CCTV cameras were installed and connected to the Command and Control Center, through the dedicated underground dark optical fibre network.
    • Enforcement automation centre was set up for issuing e-challans with photograph of the traffic offenders.
  • Project Implementation
    • Project has been implemented on a public-private-people-partnership model (4P).
    • Project was implemented with public funding, having been duly approved by the Government of Gujarat.
    • Vans connected with the Command & Control Center and integrated with the Intellectual Information Management System were deployed to transfer live feeds for analysis.
  • Impact of the Project
    • Post installation of CCTV cameras, the crimes have reduced considerably.
    • Surveillance system has helped to improve the operational efficiency of the police administration by a quantum amount.
    • Traffic management at junctions, by monitoring the volume of traffic and enforcement of traffic rules, has been effective.
    • Efforts of various agencies for rescue, relief and rehabilitation during natural calamities and disasters are being better coordinated now.


  • Innovation and integration of technology in administration yields potential efficiency and impacts. Hence, there is a need to replicate in other cities to reap the benefits from impactful technology.

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