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Operation Ajay by India, Emergency Support and Significance

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas War, the Indian government has launched ‘Operation Ajay’ to bring back its citizens from Israel and Palestine.  Operation Ajay is a response to the escalating violence in the region, with specially chartered flights scheduled to evacuate Indian nationals. As part of this mission, the Indian Navy stands ready to assist if the situation demands it. Here’s what you need to know about ‘Operation Ajay’ and India’s efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

What is Operation Ajay?

Beginning on Thursday, October 12, the Indian government initiated ‘Operation Ajay’ to repatriate its citizens from the conflict zone in Israel and Palestine. The primary mode of repatriation involves specially chartered flights, with the Indian Navy on standby to provide additional support if necessary. External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar made the official announcement, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the safety and welfare of its nationals abroad.

Operation Ajay by India

In light of heightened tensions following Hamas attacks in Israel, India has launched “Operation Ajay” to aid the return of its citizens from the region. An estimated 18,000 Indians are currently residing in Israel, as confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs. This initiative aims to ensure the safety and well-being of Indian nationals during a period of increased conflict in the area.

Operation Ajay: Special Charter Flights and Assistance Arrangements

The Indian government has initiated comprehensive arrangements to repatriate Indian citizens from Israel, including the deployment of special charter flights.

The Indian Embassy in Israel has commenced contact with registered Indian citizens, beginning with the initial group for the special flight. Additional flights will be organized, and communication will be coordinated accordingly.

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Operation Ajay 24-Hour Emergency Support

Indian Embassy in Israel

The Indian Embassy in Israel has introduced a dedicated 24-hour helpline (contact: 972-35226748, 972-543278392, email: cons1.telaviv@mea.gov.in) to provide immediate assistance in emergencies.

The embassy maintains an active 24-hour helpline, ensuring continuous support to Indian citizens in Israel.

Representative Office of India in Ramallah

A 24-hour emergency helpline (contact: 970-592916418, email: rep.ramallah@mea.gov.in) has been established to offer aid to Indian nationals in Palestine.

Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi has set up a round-the-clock Control Room, responsible for monitoring the situation and extending assistance to Indian nationals.

Indian citizens can connect with the Control Room via a toll-free number (1-800-118-797) and phone numbers (91-11 23012113, 91-11-23014104, 91-11-23017905, and 91-9968291988). Furthermore, assistance can be requested through email at situationroom@mea.gov.in.

Operation Ajay Prioritizing Safety

Indian nationals in the region are strongly advised to maintain composure, remain vigilant, and diligently follow security advisories issued by local authorities. The Ministry of External Affairs is actively engaged in monitoring the situation and swiftly disseminating vital information to citizens in real time to ensure their safety and well-being.

Significant Indian Community in Israel

Approximately 18,000 Indians currently reside in Israel, with the majority serving as caregivers. This Indian community also includes around 1,000 students, IT professionals, and diamond traders. The Consul General of Israel to Midwest India, Kobbi Shoshani, expressed the importance of this community, highlighting the contributions they make to Israel’s economy. He emphasized that Indian nurses and caregivers have become integral parts of Israeli families, and the Israeli government is fully engaged in assisting the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv with ‘Operation Ajay’.

Indians in Palestine

While the majority of Indian citizens are in Israel, there are also about 20 Indians residing in Palestine. The Representative Office of India to the State of Palestine, based in Ramallah, has established an emergency helpline to provide support and assistance to this smaller Indian community during these challenging times.

Operation Ajay vs. Operation Ganga

Operation Ajay follows in the footsteps of Operation Ganga, which was launched during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Operation Ganga successfully repatriated thousands of stranded Indian nationals from Ukraine through border crossing points with neighbouring countries. The MEA’s swift and strategic response ensured the safe return of Indian citizens during a challenging period.

Global Repatriation Efforts

As the crisis unfolds, several countries are undertaking repatriation efforts to bring back their citizens from Israel and Palestine. These efforts include collaboration with airlines, empty plane deployments, and special flights to ensure the safety and well-being of their nationals in the region.

‘Operation Ajay’ underscores India’s unwavering commitment to the safety and welfare of its citizens abroad during times of crisis. It also highlights the coordination of government agencies and diplomatic missions to ensure a safe and efficient repatriation process. As the world watches the situation in Israel and Palestine, India’s actions serve as a testament to its dedication to its citizens’ well-being.

Significance of Operation Ajay

Citizen-Centric Approach

‘Operation Ajay’ underscores India’s strong commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad. In times of crisis, this initiative prioritizes the needs and security of Indian nationals in conflict zones, highlighting the government’s responsibility and duty to its people.

Crisis Response

It demonstrates India’s effective crisis response mechanism. By swiftly launching this operation, the Indian government showcases its ability to adapt and take prompt action in challenging situations, ensuring that its citizens are not left stranded in a volatile environment.

International Cooperation

‘Operation Ajay’ aligns with international efforts to repatriate citizens from conflict zones. It exemplifies India’s solidarity with the global community in safeguarding the lives of its citizens, as other countries are also involved in repatriation initiatives.

Diplomatic Coordination

The operation highlights the diplomatic coordination between Indian missions abroad, the Ministry of External Affairs, and government agencies. This synergy ensures that repatriation efforts are well-organized and executed efficiently.

Response to Changing Geopolitical Scenarios

The launch of this operation demonstrates India’s adaptability to changing geopolitical scenarios. It allows the nation to address new challenges, providing its citizens with a sense of security during times of conflict.

Global Citizenship

It emphasizes India’s stance as a responsible global citizen, actively participating in efforts to mitigate crises and safeguard its citizens worldwide. This resonates with the principles of good governance and human rights.

Operation Ajay UPSC

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, India has launched ‘Operation Ajay’ to evacuate its citizens from Israel and Palestine. The operation utilizes special charter flights and has Indian Navy support if needed. The Indian Embassy in Israel has established a 24-hour helpline for emergency assistance. A similar helpline has been set up by the Representative Office of India in Ramallah for Indian nationals in Palestine. The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi runs a 24-hour Control Room, offering assistance through toll-free numbers and email. Operation Ajay mirrors Operation Ganga, which rescued Indians during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Several countries are also repatriating their citizens from the region.

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Operation Ajay FAQs

What is 'Operation Ajay'?

'Operation Ajay' is India's initiative to repatriate its citizens from Israel and Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, using special charter flights and possible Indian Navy support.

What is the significance of 'Operation Ajay'?

'Operation Ajay' highlights India's commitment to the safety of its citizens abroad, showcases its crisis response capabilities and demonstrates diplomatic coordination.

Is 'Operation Ajay' similar to 'Operation Ganga'?

Yes, 'Operation Ajay' follows the model of 'Operation Ganga,' which successfully repatriated Indians during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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