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Case Study of the Day: No More Energy Poverty – Bacha, India’s Solar Energy Rich Village


Bacha, a tribal village in Madhya Pradesh, India, has emerged as the nation’s first solar energy-rich village, eradicating energy poverty. Supported by initiatives from IIT Bombay and ONGC, Bacha has transformed its 75 households into solar-powered havens.

Key Achievements:

  1. Energy Independence: All 75 households now rely on solar energy-operated equipment, eliminating traditional chulhas and their associated health hazards.
  2. Environmental Impact: Solar energy adoption has reduced pressure on nearby forests, curbing illegal tree-felling and poaching activities.
  3. Quality of Life: Solar-powered kitchen appliances, including induction stoves, have improved residents’ well-being by eliminating indoor pollution.
  4. Lower Bills: Reduced electricity consumption has resulted in lower bills, while solar-powered LED bulbs meet energy needs.

Social Changes:

  1. Technological Adaptation: Bacha’s residents have embraced technology and display a scientific temperament in addressing social issues.
  2. Youth Engagement: Youngsters actively seek knowledge about how solar energy can improve their lives.
  3. Community Pride: Residents proudly showcase their solar-powered homes and share their experiences with visitors.


Bacha’s transition from energy poverty to independence exemplifies the power of innovation and community determination. This case study underscores the potential for solar energy adoption to enhance rural living conditions, reduce environmental harm, and align with the vision of a self-reliant state in Madhya Pradesh. Bacha’s success serves as a beacon of hope for communities everywhere, demonstrating that with the right support and determination, energy poverty can be overcome.

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