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Editorial of the Day (19th Feb): Munich Security Conference

Context: Recently, India participated in the 60th Munich Security Conference.

India’s Stance in 60th Munich Security Conference

  • India’s International Identity: India is framing itself as ‘non-West’ but not ‘anti-West’, indicating a strategic position that allows for independent foreign policy decisions while keeping the door open for collaboration with Western nations like the US and Europe.
  • Diplomatic Discussions at Munich: At the Munich Security Conference, discussions featuring Indian, US, and German officials highlighted India’s efforts to balance its relationships across different global alliances, including BRICS and the Western bloc.
  • Strategic Autonomy and Cooperation: India emphasises its strategic autonomy, seeking to maintain its own policy priorities while engaging with various global partners.
    • This approach allows India to navigate complex international dynamics without being tied to a specific bloc.
  • India-US Ties: The dialogue between India and the US acknowledges shared interests such as climate change, while recognizing India’s close relations with Russia.
    • The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue exemplifies the deepening strategic ties between India and the US.
  • Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy: Nationalist sentiments within India influence its foreign policy stance, but the government continues to pursue a balanced approach, engaging with both Eastern and Western partners, and ensuring its strategic interests are maintained.

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About Munich Security Conference


  • Debate on international security policy.
  • It serves as a platform for dialogue and debate among political leaders, policymakers, military officials, experts, and civil society.


  • Founded in 1963, initially focused on Cold War issues.
  • Held annually in Munich, Germany, nicknamed “Davos of Defence“.


  • Originally called Internationale Wehrkundebegegnung/Munchner Wehrkundetagung.
  • Expanded participation to include rising powers like China, India, and Brazil.
  • Adapted discussions to address global issues like West Asia, Arab uprisings, Iran’s nuclear program, and Ukraine War.


  • Leading forum for international security debate.
  • Promotes dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Adapts to changing global dynamics.

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