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Case Study of the Day: Materials from Plastic

Context: The world is facing a major plastic waste crisis. This has led to a growing movement towards sustainability and the development of innovative solutions to reduce waste.

Ashaya’s Multi-Layered Plastics Initiative

  • Ashaya realised the untapped potential Multi-Layered Plastics (MLP) hold and created a process to ‘chemo-mechanically extract materials from plastic waste’ and convert them into high-quality products.
  • The company has launched the world’s first sunglasses made from recycled chips packets.

Product Development

  • Ashaya’s sunglasses are made from recycled chips packets, which are processed into a unique material that is both durable and lightweight.
  • The company worked closely with recycling facilities to develop a process that could transform waste into a usable product.
  • The resulting sunglasses are stylish and functional, with lenses that offer UV protection and frames that are designed to fit comfortably on a variety of face shapes.

Marketing of Sustainable Product

  • Ashaya has built a strong brand around its product, with a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • The company’s website and social media channels promote its mission and values, and showcase the sunglasses as a stylish and eco-friendly option.
  •  Ashaya has also partnered with a number of retailers and fashion brands to expand its reach and increase visibility.

Environmental Impact

  • Ashaya’s sunglasses have had a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.
  • The company has also raised awareness about the importance of sustainability and recycling, inspiring others to think about how they can make a positive impact on the planet.


  • Ashaya’s success demonstrates the power of innovation and sustainability in the modern business landscape.
  • By developing a unique product that addresses a pressing environmental issue, the company has been able to build a strong brand and make a positive impact on the world.

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