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Case Study of the Day: Kutumba: Social Protection Cum Entitlement Management System


  • Kutumba, translating to “family” in Kannada, is an IT-based platform for improving ease of access to government benefits to the poor, bringing about inclusive growth.
  • It aims to streamline the delivery of various social welfare benefits to the citizens. The system leverages technology to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the distribution process.


  • Improve targeting: Ensure that social welfare benefits reach the intended beneficiaries accurately and promptly.
  • Reduce leakages and fraud: Minimize the chances of corruption, misappropriation, and identity fraud in the entitlement system.
  • Enhance efficiency: Streamline the application, verification, and distribution processes to improve operational efficiency.
  • Enhance transparency: Promote transparency in the system by providing citizens with access to information about their entitlements and their status.
  • Empower citizens: Enable citizens to actively participate in managing their entitlements, making the system more citizen-centric.


  • Integrated database: Kutumba incorporates a centralized database that consolidates information on citizens, their entitlements, and eligibility criteria.
  • Online application process: Citizens can apply for social welfare benefits through an online portal, reducing paperwork and administrative burden.
  • Verification mechanisms: The system employs robust verification mechanisms to authenticate applicant data, such as biometric authentication, cross-checking with government databases, and field inspections.
  • Direct benefit transfer: Kutumba enables direct transfer of benefits to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts, minimizing leakages and ensuring timely payments.
  • Mobile application: A user-friendly mobile app provides citizens with access to information about their entitlements, application status, and updates.
  • Grievance redressal: A dedicated grievance redressal mechanism allows citizens to raise complaints and seek resolution regarding their entitlements.
  • Analytics and reporting: Kutumba generates comprehensive reports and analytics to evaluate the impact of social welfare programs, identify gaps, and inform policy decisions.

Implementation Process

  • Policy formulation: It formulated policies and guidelines to define the social welfare benefits and entitlements covered under Kutumba.
  • Technology infrastructure: A robust technology infrastructure was set up, including servers, databases, and network connectivity, to support the system’s operations.
  • Data collection and integration: Data from various government agencies were collected, consolidated, and integrated into the Kutumba database.
  • Application development: A team of developers created the online portal, mobile application, and backend systems required for the efficient functioning of Kutumba.
  • Training and capacity building: Government officials, field workers, and citizens were trained to utilize and benefit from the Kutumba system effectively.
  • Pilot phase and scaling up: Kutumba was initially piloted in a few regions to test its functionality and make necessary refinements before scaling up its implementation nationwide.


  • Enhanced targeting: Kutumba has significantly improved the targeting of social welfare benefits, reducing the inclusion and exclusion errors that were prevalent in the earlier system.
  • Reduced leakages and fraud: The implementation of Kutumba has minimized leakages, corruption, and identity fraud due to its robust verification mechanisms and direct benefit transfer.
  • Improved efficiency: The online application process and direct benefit transfer have streamlined the distribution process, reducing administrative burden and delays.
  • Increased transparency: Citizens can access information about their entitlements and application status.
  • Increase in social security: Social security to 6.7 lakh likely eligible beneficiaries identified foe old age pension.


Kutumba is working towards compliance to policies on personal data protection, automatically including newborns into the beneficiary system and adding information on more schemes such as PM Matru Vandana Yojana and Janani Suraksha Yojana.

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