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J&K Family ID Card

About Family Pehchan Patra for J&K Residents

  • It is a part of the “Digital J&K Vision Document”.
  • It will be an identity card with a unique eight-digit alphanumeric number to identify each family and its members through the head of the family.
    • The card will contain details of all members of the family, including their names, ages, qualifications, employment status, etc.
    • It will be linked with the Aadhaar and bank account number of the head of the family.
    • It will be a single identifier for every family and individual in the UT that will instantly confirm their eligibility for government welfare schemes and facilitate direct transfer of benefits to their bank accounts with minimum human interference.
  • Objective: To create an authentic, verified, and reliable database of families in J&K to ensure speedy and transparent doorstep delivery of welfare schemes to eligible beneficiaries.
  • Significance:
    • Database will help to identify and weed out duplicate ration cards and Aadhaar.
    • It will help the government identify families that may have a number of educated youth, but without jobs.
    • It will be continuously and automatically updated.
    • It will help the government plan policy based on authentic, updated population data.
    • People Centric: People will no longer have to visit local officials for such purposes.


Provision for Non-Enrollment

  • Database will be created only with the consent of the family.
  • Families that do not consent to having the card will likely face practical difficulties because benefits such as subsidized rations through PDS under the National Food Security Act, free medical treatment, old age/ widow pensions, help to victims of militancy, scholarships, etc. will be linked with the family ID card.


Similar Step by Other States

  • Haryana was the first state to introduce the concept of the family pehchanpatra.
  • Punjab introduced it last year for direct transfer of benefits to families who are eligible for various social welfare schemes of the government.
  • Uttar Pradesh government last month decided to launch a UP Parivar Kalyan Card for similar purposes.
  • Rajasthan government has introduced  “Jan Aadhaar”
    • It aims to be the single identifier of a family and also an individual.
    • It will be the sole vehicle on which delivery of all kinds of cash as well non-cash benefits and services are riding and reaching to the door-step of the residents.

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