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How to Calculate CSAT Marks, Check Out CSAT Marks Calculator

The Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) forms a crucial part of the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination, designed to assess candidates’ aptitude and analytical skills. Understanding how to calculate the CSAT score is essential for aspirants aiming to excel in this highly competitive examination. This guide provides a detailed step-by-step approach to calculating your CSAT score effectively.

How to Calculate CSAT Marks?

Calculating the CSAT score accurately is crucial for candidates to gauge their performance and strategize for subsequent stages of the UPSC examination. By understanding the marking scheme and following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, aspirants can confidently assess their strengths and areas for improvement.

UPSC CSAT Exam 2024
Exam Name CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test)
Part of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination
Paper Number Paper 2
Duration Two sessions of two hours each
Total Questions 80 (40 in General Studies, 40 in Aptitude)
Mark per Question 2.5 marks
Total Marks 200 marks

How to Calculate CSAT Marks Steps Guide

Step 1: Understand the Marking Scheme

  • Marks per Question: Each question in CSAT carries 2.5 marks.
  • Negative Marking: Approximately, for every incorrect answer, 1/3rd of the marks assigned to that question are deducted, which is roughly -0.833 marks per incorrect answer.
  • Unanswered Questions: No marks are awarded or deducted for unanswered questions.

Step 2: Count Correct and Incorrect Answers

  • Start by identifying the number of questions you answered correctly and incorrectly based on the official answer key provided by UPSC.

Step 3: Calculate the Raw Score

  • Correct Answers: Multiply the number of correct answers by 2.5 to calculate the total marks obtained from correct responses.
  • Incorrect Answers: Multiply the number of incorrect answers by -0.833 to determine the penalty for incorrect responses.

Step 4: Determine the Net Score

  • Subtract the penalty (marks deducted for incorrect answers) from the total marks obtained for correct answers to get the net score.

Step 5: CSAT Marks Calculator

Let’s illustrate with an example:

Assume a candidate attempted 65 questions in the CSAT exam:

  • Out of these, 50 answers were correct, and 15 were incorrect.


  • Number of Correct Answers: 50
    • Raw Score for Correct Answers: 50 × 2.5 = 125 marks
  • Number of Incorrect Answers: 15
    • Penalty for Incorrect Answers: 15 × 0.833 = 12.45 marks (rounded to 12.5 marks)

Net Score Calculation:

  • Net Score = Raw Score – Penalty
  • Net Score = 125 – 12.5 = 112.5 marks

Tips for Accurate Calculation

  • Use Official Answer Key: Always refer to the official answer key provided by UPSC to ensure accuracy in counting correct and incorrect answers.
  • Double-check Calculations: Verify your calculations to avoid errors in subtracting penalties or multiplying marks.
  • Practice with Mock Tests: Familiarize yourself with the marking scheme through mock tests and previous years’ question papers to improve accuracy in calculating scores.


Calculating your UPSC CSAT score using this step-by-step guide enables you to assess your performance objectively and identify areas for improvement. By understanding the marking scheme and following these steps diligently, you can gauge your readiness for the Civil Services Examination and plan your preparation accordingly.

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How to Calculate CSAT Marks FAQs

How are CSAT marks calculated?

The CSAT, also known as Paper II, consists of 80 questions, with each question carrying a weightage of 2.5 marks. However, for every incorrect answer, a deduction of 0.83 marks is made.

What is 33 percent marks in CSAT?

To qualify for the CSAT paper, candidates must attain a minimum of 33% or a score of 66 marks. This information provides a clear picture of what candidates need to aim for and helps them strategize their preparation effectively.

What is the qualifying marks for CSAT?

The minimum qualifying marks to successfully clear the UPSC CSAT paper is fixed at 33% by the Union Public Service Commission. It is a 200 marks paper in which candidates need to score at least 66 marks to qualify.

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