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Editorial of the Day (20th Mar): Forced Labour-ILO Report

Context: A study by the International Labour Organization (ILO), released in Geneva has found that forced labour generates illegal profits worth $36 billion per year.

Key Findings of the Forced Labour-ILO Report

Definition of Forced Labour
The ILO defines forced labour as involuntary work enforced through coercion or threats at any employment stage.
  • Dominance of Sexual Exploitation: Sexual exploitation constitutes $173 billion, three-fourths of total profits from forced labour, as reported by the International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • Increase in Profits: A 37% surge in forced labour profits since a decade ago, with an increase of $64 billion as per 2021 ILO figures.

Editorial of the Day (20th Mar): Forced Labour-ILO Report_4.1

  • Global Prevalence: On a typical day in 2021, around 27.6 million people were in forced labour, a 10% increase from five years earlier.
  • Victims of Forced Labour: Out of these, 6.3 million, predominantly girls and women, suffered forced sexual exploitation, with children over one-quarter.
  • Geographical Spread: Over half of forced labour occurs in the Asia-Pacific region, with Africa, the Americas, and Europe-Central Asia each hosting about 13-14%.
  • Types of Forced Labour: Private sector forced labour accounts for 85%, including slavery, serfdom, bonded labour, and exploitative begging.
  • Profit Distribution by Sector: The industry sector makes $35 billion, services nearly $21 billion, agriculture $5 billion, and domestic work $2.6 billion in illicit profits.
  • Efforts and Challenges: Despite global efforts to eliminate forced labour, progress is insufficient to meet the UN goal of eradication by 2030.

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