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Case Study of the Day: Flood and Landslide Disaster Management in Wayanad, Kerala


  • Wayanad is a hilly district that is situated in Kerala at a high altitude. The district has a dense forest cover and is home to several endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • The district receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. In 2018, Wayanad received unprecedented rainfall, which led to massive flooding and landslides.
  • The flood affected almost all the villages and towns in the district and caused severe damage to the infrastructure and the environment.

Disaster Management Strategies

The district administration of Wayanad adopted several disaster management strategies to manage the flood and landslide disaster. The strategies can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Preparedness: The district administration had a disaster management plan in place, which was updated and refined based on the lessons learned from the previous disasters.
    • The administration conducted regular training sessions and mock drills to prepare the officials and the community to respond to the disaster effectively.
    • The administration also created a network of communication channels to disseminate information and alerts to the public.
  • Response: The district administration responded promptly to the disaster by setting up temporary relief camps and providing essential supplies like food, water, and medicines to the affected people.
    • The administration also deployed rescue teams to evacuate people from the flood-affected areas and provided medical assistance to the injured.
  • Recovery: The district administration initiated several measures to recover from the disaster and prevent further damage.
    • The administration conducted a damage assessment survey and estimated the losses. The administration then provided financial assistance to the affected people and initiated rehabilitation measures.
    • The administration also launched several environmental restoration programs to restore the damaged ecosystem.


  • The disaster management strategies adopted by the district administration of Wayanad were effective in managing the flood and landslide disaster.
  • The preparedness measures helped the administration to respond promptly to the disaster and minimize the loss of life and property. The response measures provided essential relief and rescue services to the affected people.
  • The recovery measures helped the administration to rehabilitate the affected people and restore the damaged environment.


  • The flood and landslide disaster that hit Wayanad in 2018 was a massive challenge for the district administration.
  • The disaster management strategies adopted by the Wayanad district administration can serve as a model for other regions that are prone to natural disasters.

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