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DigiLocker, Features, Use Cases and Legal Validity

Context: Students can check their board exam results, and access their scores and official mark sheets via the Indian government’s DigiLocker platform.

What is Digilocker?

  • About: DigiLocker is a digital storage platform launched in 2015 as part of the Indian government’s Digital India initiative.
  • Aim: To facilitate paperless governance by allowing users to store and access digital records such as Aadhaar, PAN records, driving licences, and mark sheets.
  • Legal Validity: Documents issued through DigiLocker are legally recognized as equivalent to original physical documents according to Rule 9A of the IT Rules, 2016.
  • Security Features: Managed by the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY), DigiLocker follows stringent security protocols, including 2048 Bit RSA SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, consent systems, and regular security audits.
    • Despite these measures, the platform faced a security vulnerability in 2020, which was promptly addressed.
  • Convenience and Security: DigiLocker provides a secure and convenient way to access and store documents, eliminating the need to carry physical copies.
    • It supports identity verification and reduces the risk of presenting outdated or poor-quality documents.
DigiLocker has over 270 million registered users and has facilitated access to nearly 6.7 billion documents.
Specific Use Case of DigiLocker App: Passport Application
  • Passport Processing: While DigiLocker is promoted to streamline the passport application process by some officials, its use is not mandatory.
  • Passport applicants are advised to carry originals and photocopies of documents, although having them available on DigiLocker can expedite the process.
  • However, implementation varies, and some regions may still require physical documents.

Challenges and User Difficulties

  • Accessibility Issues: Some users, especially those not proficient with smartphones or those who are illiterate, may find it challenging to use DigiLocker. Issues with name mismatches or document retrieval due to minor discrepancies in personal details can also pose difficulties.
  • Inconsistent Acceptance: The acceptance of digital documents via DigiLocker varies across different government and law enforcement bodies, leading to confusion among users about the necessity of physical documents.

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