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Daily Quiz 2nd July 2024

Daily Quiz 2nd July 2024

  1. Click on – ‘Start Quiz’ button
  2. Solve Questions
  3. Click on ‘Next’ button
  4. Click on ‘Finish Quiz’ button
  5. Now click on ‘View Questions’ button – here you will see solutions and links.
  6. The test contains a total of 5 questions.
  7. Click on the most appropriate option to mark it as your answer.
  8. You will be awarded Two marks for each correct answer.
  9. You can change your answer by clicking on some other option.
  10. A Number list of all questions appears at the top side of the screen.
  11. You can access the questions in any order by clicking on the question number given on the number list.
  12. You can use rough sheets while taking the test.
  13. Do not use calculators, log tables, dictionaries, or any other printed/online reference material during the test.
  14. Do not click the button “Finish Quiz” before completing the test. A test once submitted cannot be resumed.

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