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Current Affairs 15th May 2024 for UPSC Prelims Exam

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GPT 4o

Context: Open AI launched the new flagship AI model GPT-4o.

About GPT-4o

  • It is capable of accepting audio and visual inputs and generating outputs almost flawlessly.
  • The ‘o’ in GPT-4o stands for “omni,” indicating its ability to handle multimodal inputs through text, audio, and images, unlike earlier versions which only handled text inputs.
  • Performance and Features
    • Response Time:
      • Audio input response time: 232 milliseconds.
      • Average response time: 320 milliseconds.
      • Uses fillers or repeats part of the question to manage latency.
    • Integrated Neural Network: Unlike previous models that used separate processes for voice-to-text conversion and operations, GPT-4o uses the same neural network for these tasks, enabling faster responses and deeper insights.
  • Technology Behind GPT-4o:
    • Large Language Models (LLMs):
      • LLMs are the core technology of AI chatbots like GPT-4o.
      • They involve feeding vast amounts of data into models to enable them to learn and understand patterns in language and information.
  • Applications:
    • Caricature creation from a photo.
    • 3D logo creation and manipulation.
    • Generating meeting notes from audio recordings.
    • Designing cartoon characters and stylized movie posters.
    • Assessing interview readiness and making jokes based on visual cues.
    • Setting up games, assisting with maths problems, recognizing objects in Spanish, and expressing sarcasm.
  • Limitations:
    • No Video Generation: Despite its visual understanding capabilities, GPT-4o cannot generate videos, such as movie trailers.
    • Initial Errors: Demonstrations included some errors, such as producing gibberish text in a crime movie-style poster, later refined but still somewhat raw.

Examples, Case Studies and Data

  • Disaster Management (GS- 2): In 2023, India experienced over 528,000 internal displacements due to floods, storms, earthquakes, and other disasters, a significant decrease from approximately 2.5 million displacements in 2022.

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