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UPSC IAS (Pre + Mains) LIVE Foundation 2024 Batch 4
* Prices will increase after 25th March 2023
Course Details

Batch Started on 20th February 2023 | Daily Live Classes at 8:00 AM

For queries please call on 080-68973-353

The course brings the best content and expert faculties at an affordable price. This course is exam-oriented, time-saving, and gives an edge to the subscribers in acing the UPSC examination. * The 10-months course is meticulously designed to cover the exhaustive prelims cum mains syllabus.

The essential course features are -

1000+ Hours of LIVE Classes by our faculties

- End-to-end exhaustive coverage of the syllabus with a focus on prelims and mains. Interactive lectures are designed to enhance the learning of the student. Lectures cater to the changing trends of the UPSC examination. All NCERTs covered in the lectures.

One-to-One Mentorship to keep you on track to achieve the target 

- Every student is allotted a mentor. The mentorship module is the pillar on which the student can build his foundation. The module caters to both the academic and non-academic development of the aspirant. The aspirant can reach out to solve his preparation-related roadblocks, strategy, guidance, and doubts. The mentorship module also covers Manthan sessions for building communication skills and holistic development of personality. These sessions also provide Peer to Peer learning and peer groups to aspirants who are based in remote locations and preparing in isolation. 

Handmade Lecture Notes, Crux on static topics

- The class PPT used by faculty is shared as a PDF. Lecture notes of each lecture cover topics from multiple sources and give diverse viewpoints. Value-added. Handwritten Notes with diagrams, flowcharts, statistics and gives a personalized touch to the aspirant. Hand-written notes are curated specifically for last-minute revisions

Answer Writing Practice & Evaluation guided by our experienced team

- This module includes Answer writing practice and Answer evaluation by subject matter experts. In each class, the faculty provides Daily Mains Questions(DMQs) where the aspirant writes and submit their answers. Each answer is evaluated and detailed personalized feedback is provided to improve. The Model answers are provided as compilations for topic-wise revision. Multiple answers are evaluated for aspirants on a daily basis. The Answer writing module - also includes revision tests. The revision tests are conducted after the compilation of subjects. Revision tests are provided with marking and ranking so that the aspirant can assess his true position in the relative competition of UPSC exams.

Current Affairs Program (CAP)

- A daily module for current affairs. It has current affairs daily handouts. The handout is compiled from all major newspapers, Yojana, Kurukshetra, EPW, etc. . The handout covers content from both Mains and Prelims perspectives. To explain the handout, there is a daily CAP video for 1 hour. It covers the issues from handouts in the crispest, most relevant manner for the UPSC examinations. The module also has daily current affairs MCQs and Daily current affairs mains questions, which the aspirants can write and get evaluated by our experts. 

Prelims Test Series to make you battle-ready for the Prelims exam 

- Rigorous practice holds the key to mastering the subject. The testing module has Daily MCQs attached to the lectures. In addition to this, there are 50 MCQs in the weekly test. Over 400+ MCQs for each subject. There are also 10 Full-length Tests (GS + CSAT) to make you battle-ready for prelims examinations. The prelims MCQs are complemented with Mains revision tests and daily mains answer writing evaluation. The testing model is comprehensively designed to cover even the corner cases of the syllabus.

Over 100+ hours of CSAT lectures covering aptitude, quants, reasoning, and reading comprehension. Benchmarking of students through Weekly Revision Tests for students
Group mentorship sessions by Senior Bureaucrats, selected candidates, and senior aspirants
MCQ-based learning for every lecture to enhance retention.
We hope after completing this course we will be able to provide our students with the necessary know-how and nuances of General studies.Over 100+ hours of CSAT lectures covering aptitude, quants, reasoning, and reading comprehension.  

Course Plan
About Authors
Amit Kilhor
  • 6 UPSC CSE Mains
  • 3 UPSC CSE Interviews
  • RAS & UPPSC Interviews
  • IB ACIO Interview
  • SSC Rank Holder
  • Vast Experience of teaching in Subjects of Polity, Ethics, Environmental Science, Current Affairs, NCERTs & Interview preparations
Shashank Tyagi
  • Mr. Shashank Tyagi has mentored Over 10000 Students Both Online and Offline.
  • He was awarded by Govt. of the NCT of Delhi for his Studies and Work.
  • He has a subject specialization in PSIR Optional and in General studies he has expertise in Polity & Governance.
Ayussh Sanghi
  • Ayussh Sanghi is an educator for civil services in India.
  • In the online journey of 8 years, he has had a following of 2,60,000 aspirants.
  • He has been associated with institutes like Vajiram & Ravi in the offline arena.
  • He is known for his excellent teaching skills and is the first CA in India to teach Economics to IAS aspirants.
  • He has earned two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Commerce and the other one in Law and completed his M.A. in Economics.
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Course Content
Frequently Asked Questions
How can existing students migrate to the new course?
They can contact us on our Support and our team will help them upgrade to the Live Course at a nominal cost. You can call us at 9580048004.
What about the existing users of our UPSC Pre+Mains(recorded course) ? Will they get all the updates?
Yes, existing users will continue to get Current Affair Updates, doubt sessions and other course related updates.
How will current affairs be covered in this course ?
Current affairs will be done through our CAP module. The CAP module will have high quality PDF which covers topics from multiple sources. The PDF will be explained through a video which will be available 9.30P.M daily (Monday - Saturday)
What is the Prelims Test Series component in the course ?
Prelims test series will be both online and offline(Postal based). Tests would be conducted weekly from August onwards. These are a set of 40+ tests which include both General studies and CSAT.
How will I get answer writing practice ?
After teaching every Mains-related topic, faculty will give a question for practice. Discussion will be done the next day. The student can evaluate the answer by themselves after the discussion from the faculty.
How can I give my weekly tests ?
MCQs can be solved on the StudyIQ App.