UPSC IAS (Mains) PSIR Optional Live 2025 (Comprehensive) Pratigya Batch

UPSC IAS (Mains) PSIR Optional Live 2025 (Comprehensive) Pratigya Batch
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Mode of Learning:Online

Course Content

Batch Starting on 16th July, 2024 | Class Timing -12:00 PM  

For Further queries please call on : 080-6897-3353

Special Note: If you are enrolling in Pratigya UPSC Optional Batch along with Pratigya P2I Batch and you clear your UPSC Prelims 2025 Exam, your Course fee will be refunded.

StudyIQ is here with its PSIR optional Course. Let’s start with understanding the merits of PSIR Optional.

1. It tests the capability of integrating static knowledge with contemporary issues.
2. Overlap with PSIR Optional : GS 3 - Security, Environment ¦ GS 1 - Freedom Struggle, Social Issues ¦ GS 4 - Moral Thinkers and Philosophical part ¦ Essay - Topics on Political and International issues are often asked ¦ GS 2 - Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations.
3. It is also to be noted that certain questions with regards to International Relations are also asked in the UPSC- Civil Services Interview.
4. Abundance of Sources from basic books like NCERTs to advanced books
5. One of the highest selections and rewarding optional subject year on year
6. Telephonic and in person counseling at our centres
7. Answer writing to be conducted in offline / online mode.
8. Mains residential program with lodging and library facilities (only for students also enrolled in UPSC GS P2I Programme).
9. Interview Guidance program in our offline centres
10. Regular student - faculty meet-ups

Features of the course -

1. 400+ hours of live lectures spread over 5 months
2. Comprehensive coverage through high quality lecture notes
3. Hand written notes and hand written model answers
4. Live answer writing program under the guidance of faculty
5. Previous Year Questions discussions
6. PSIR Current affairs to keep the aspirant updated
7. Doubt clearing sessions by the faculty
8. Static Session 

Note : The notes and other content of the class will be provided only in English

At the beginning of the course, few orientation classes shall be conducted @ 11am. The information will be shared with the students.

About Authors

Shashank Tyagi
Shashank TyagiFaculty
  • Mr. Shashank Tyagi has mentored Over 10000 Students Both Online and Offline.
  • He was awarded by Govt. of the NCT of Delhi for his Studies and Work.
  • He has a subject specialization in PSIR Optional and in General studies he has expertise in Polity & Governance.

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400+ hours of live lectures400+ hours of live lectures
Hand written notes and hand written model answersHand written notes and hand written model answers
PYQ discussionsPYQ discussions
Lecture notesLecture notes
Doubt clearing sessionsDoubt clearing sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will be the duration of the Course ?

The course will be completed in 5 to 6 months

What is the validity of the Course?

The validity of the course will be 18 months

What would be the batch timings?

Batch timings are from 12 pm

Are the Classes Bilingual?

Yes, the classes will be in both Hindi & English

Is the content Bilingual?

No, the Content will be provided only in English

Is Mentorship provided for Optionals?

There is no one-to-one mentorship, however the faculties conducts doubt sessions on a regular basis.

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