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Set of 18 - Eighteen core StudyIQ's General Studies books - English
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Ultimate UPSC Preparation Collection: 18 Must-Have Books

Revolutionize your UPSC exam preparation with this comprehensive set of 18 books, each meticulously crafted to cater to the unique demands of the Civil Services Examination. From in-depth subject knowledge to years of practice questions, this collection equips you with everything you need to excel. List of 18 books:

1. Indian Polity: Navigate the complex world of governance, laws, and constitutional provisions.
2. Modern Indian History: Immerse yourself in the nation's historical evolution, from ancient times to the present.
Fundamentals of Geography: Develop a solid geographical foundation with clarity and precision.
4. Principles of Indian Geography: Dive into the intricacies of India's geography and regional diversity.
5. Prelims 26 Years PYQs: Elevate your expertise and competence with an extensive compilation of over 26 years' worth of Previous Year Questions from General Studies (Prelims Paper 1).
6. Indian Art & Culture: Explore India's rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions.
7. Indian Agriculture: Grasp the nuances of agriculture's role in the economy and society.
8. Indian Economy: Master economic concepts, policies, and trends crucial for your UPSC journey.
9. Environment and Ecology: Tackle contemporary environmental challenges with a comprehensive understanding.
10. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude: This comprehensive book delves into ethics, integrity, and aptitude, an invaluable resource for UPSC CSE Mains Paper 4 preparation.
11. Disaster Management in India: The disaster management book offers comprehensive coverage, real case studies, clear content, visuals, and past questions to excel in GS paper III.
12. Governance in India: Understand governance mechanisms that drive the nation's progress.
13. Science and Technology: Stay up-to-date with scientific advancements shaping our world.
14. 13 Years UPSC CSE CSAT PYQs: Refine your CSAT proficiency using a comprehensive compilation of all the past years' questions from CSAT (Prelims Paper 2).
15. Society and Social Justice: This insightful book delves into critical aspects of society and social justice, providing essential knowledge for UPSC aspirants.
16. Ancient and Medieval History: Explore the rich tapestry of ancient and medieval history in this comprehensive volume, unraveling the past's fascinating stories and events.
17. International Relations: Gain profound insights into global diplomacy and geopolitics with this authoritative guide to the intricate web of international relations.
18. Internal Security: Explore vital aspects of internal security in this essential book, a valuable resource for UPSC exam preparation and understanding national safety.

This collection is your key to comprehensive and strategic preparation, ensuring you're well-equipped to face the challenges of the UPSC examination. Don't just study – prepare with purpose and confidence.

Note: Books will be sent out in two sets. The first set will be dispatched within one week of ordering, while the second set will be dispatched before December 15, 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What types of books do you offer?
We offer a wide range of exam-related books, including UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) books, state PSC materials, SSC, banking, railways, and various competitive exam preparation resources.
Are your books updated according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus?
Yes, all our books are meticulously updated to align with the latest exam patterns and syllabi to ensure you have the most relevant study materials.
Can I find previous year question papers in your collection?
Absolutely! We offer a diverse collection of books containing previous year question papers to help you practice and understand the exam's trend.
Are the books written by experienced educators and subject experts?
Yes, our books are authored by experienced educators, subject experts, and professionals who are well-versed with the exam requirements.
Do you have books specific to different subjects or topics?
Yes, we provide subject-specific books covering various topics to cater to the specific needs of aspirants preparing for different exams.
Do you offer study materials for both Prelims and Mains examinations?
Certainly, our collection includes books designed for both Prelims and Mains, offering comprehensive coverage of the entire exam syllabus.