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Gaurav Sir Current Affairs
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This course 'Current Affairs by Gaurav Sir' is a creation of Dr Gaurav Garg himself who is well known for his rich quality of content in a precise way. The course is compiled in such a way that covering this single course will enable aspirants to more
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State Exams
RBI & SEBI Exams
About Authors
Dr. Gaurav Garg
Senior Faculty, English & Env. and Ecology
  • Co-founder, Study IQ
  • Years of Experience in Online Teaching with a Viewership Spanning over several Lakhs of Students.
  • A Dedicated Teacher who strikes a balance between keeping the Content Comprehensive and Crisp at once.
  • One of India's Top YouTuber in the Field of Education.
  • A considerable amount of experience with both online and offline teaching spanning over tens of hundreds of hours.
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