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Set of two - Fundamentals of Geography & Principles of Indian Geography - Book
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Unlock your geography potential and ace the UPSC journey with this insightful set of two books:
Fundamentals of Geography: StudyIQ's 'Fundamentals of Geography' Book addresses the challenges faced by Civil Services aspirants. This resource-rich volume aims to enhance your geographical understanding and streamline your preparation journey. With a focus on UPSC's current trends, the book provides clarity and depth, facilitating effective recall and application. Notable features include concise content, integrated examples, maps, graphics, and past years' questions for practical assessment. 2. Principles of Indian Geography: Navigate the complexities of Indian geography confidently with StudyIQ's 'Principles of Indian Geography.' This book, tailored to UPSC's trends, simplifies the subject's intricacies. In a realm of scattered sources, it offers a consolidated, accessible approach to India's geography. With UPSC-focused content, crystal-clear explanations, illustrative elements, and incorporation of previous years' questions, this book aids deep understanding and quick revision.

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