Crash Course on Ethics and Essay

Crash Course on Ethics and Essay
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Mode of Learning:Online

Course Content

Batch Started on 8th June 2023 | Class Timing - 2:00 PM

For further queries please call on - 08068973353

Covering the entire syllabus of ethics through 200+ question 

Ethics relevant current affairs for mains 2023

Tackling case studies effectively with time management.

Detailed discussion of test papers in group format.

About Authors

Dr. Atul Garg
Dr. Atul GargFaculty
  • Since 2013 he has guided more than 32000 students offline and more than 1 lakh students online, with hundreds of confirmed selections.
  • Almost every question of all ethics papers (2013-22) has come directly from his classroom discussions and notes.
  • He has authored two books also. Case study book at TMH
Jawaad Kazi
Jawaad KaziFaculty
  • Jawwad Kazi is a senior faculty with a wealth of experience spanning years in guiding aspiring Civil Servants to success. 
  • A seasoned story teller, his History optional, GS History and International Relations lectures are immersive experiences while imparting exam relevant knowledge.
  • His impactful essay writing sessions enable students to hone the art of weaving persuasive ideas and captivating compositions.
  • Peppered with shayari and laced with humor, there is never a dull moment in his class. Several of his mentees have gone on to crack the Civil Services Exam.
  • An MBA graduate and University of Pune topper in Post Grad Diploma in Mass Media, he has also won several state and national level elocutions.
  • He has also represented India as student leader for the US Dept of State's prestigious Youth Leadership Programme.

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Live Classes
200+ questions200+ questions
Current Affairs Program (CAP) classesCurrent Affairs Program (CAP) classes
Lecture notesLecture notes
Discussion of PaperDiscussion of each paper will be done through online mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will current affairs be covered in this course ?

Current affairs will be done through our CAP module. The CAP module will have high quality PDF which covers topics from multiple sources. The PDF will be explained through a video which will be available 9.30P.M daily (Monday - Saturday)

How will I get answer writing practice ?

After teaching every Mains-related topic, faculty will give a question for practice. Discussion will be done the next day. The student can evaluate the answer by themselves after the discussion from the faculty.

How can I give my weekly tests ?

MCQs can be solved on the StudyIQ App.

What will be the Schedule and syllabus of weekly tests?

Every week on Sunday you will be given a revision test. Number of questions will be 50. Syllabus - past 1 week Static & Current topics

Is this for English medium students or Hindi medium students?

The communication medium will be Hinglish. The lecture handouts will be in English and Hindi. The MCQs will also be bilingual

How will I get the Gyanvani module (group mentorship session) ?

Group mentorship sessions will be done by experts, senior bureaucrats to guide the aspirants.

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