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What is Pendrive Courses ?

Study IQ’s Pendrive course is our Flagship Course. It is a program in which we provide study material which will be in the form of Video lectures covering all the topics which will empower you to study wherever you want weather at your own place in or outside of the classroom. The Pendrive Course, prepared by the top faculty of India, has everything you need to achieve your dream.

Why Pendrive Courses ?

With our Pendrive courses you can study at any time and at anywhere also no internet is require to play the videos lectures because our pendrive course is an offline program. So with our Pendrive courses you can take your class wherever you go and start preparing for your exams without wasting your precious time.

  • Watch videoson loop

    until clear understanding

  • Your personal classroom

    anywhere, everywhere

  • Always stay updated

    with weekly updates only for you

Study IQ offers practice exercises and instructional videos


Frequently asked questions

System Requirements ?
Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
How to play videos through pendrive ?
Just Plug Pendrive in your computer and play videos. Instructions are given in Pendrive
What, If I need to format my system ?
Yes, you can play videos afterwards too There is no restrictions on number of users. you can play videos on one or many systems but only on one system at a time. As we mentioned before just plug Pendrive in any system and play videos
What do you mean by validity ?
As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity of time.
What If Pendrive or Dongle Has Lost, Damaged, Broken or Misplaced.
We are not responsible for any of this kind of problem or situation, in this case we will suggest you to purchase a new pendrive course.
Can I extend validity later on ?
No, you cannot extend the validity.