UPSC IQ - November Magazine Launched

Government Jobs offers a chance to turn your desires into reality. If you seek to work for your country then, an occupation in the Government Sector is the best alternative for you. Every year there is lakhs of job opportunities in the government sector.

Government jobs are divided into two categories: i) Central Government and ii) State Government. There are several jobs in the sectors like Indian Railways, Public Sector Units (PSU), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Staff Selection Commission(SSC).  Everyone wants to work in government sector but only few make it happen.


The pay and benefits of a government job always score over those of private jobs.

When it comes to ‘other benefits’, like a maternity benefit or a medical benefit, government organisations clearly score over the private sector. This is true.

Government jobs are no longer cushy as they used to be once. The government is working on deliberate policies to deal with non-performers.

Government jobs are less demanding, have less targets and are ‘permanent’.

Government job provides job security and monotonous job life so there is certainly security of job and life becomes stable also.

Government job provides much more facilities than private jobs, like LTC, telephone subscription and so on where as in private job you will not get holidays like LTC.

In the government sector you will have certain number of paid holidays in a year, in addition to that off on government holidays also.

And above all you will lead a stress-free life with no workloads, deadlines, less pressure from seniors.

Government department use to pass the notifications and advertisement in various media like TV, daily papers (National and Local) official notification on the site, or you can have whatever information you want regarding government jobs on our website.  As we have updated all the important dates and notifications on our site as well.

Indian Government Jobs 2018 details are out for every exam. Candidates can apply on the official website or through offline mode also as per their comfort.


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