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Job Profile : Prevention CBEC Inspector - SSC CGL 2019


The post of Inspector (Preventive Officer) in Central Board of Excise and Customs is yet another prestigious SSC CGL Post. It is an adventurous job position and require courage and hard work in part of the candidate to bust any illegal operation happening under their reign. They need to be cautions that no smuggling of things or person could take place inside or outside the country.

The Preventive officers are posted at various sea port, airport and other entry-exit points, from where the smuggling can take place. Preventive officers are mostly posted in the 11 major coastal cities of India namely, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Kachin etc. They are often entitled to search the cargo ships, boats, air carriers to find if any illegal substance is being carried out or is brought from the country. The illegal substance is seized by the Preventive Officers and they are responsible for the auctioning of the same, which in turn provides revenue of national treasure.

It is a Group-B Non-Gazetted Officer Post. You will be recruited to work in CBEC, just like Central Excise Inspector and Examiner, but this post comes with a compulsory uniform. Inspector Preventive Officer Job Profile varies according to your posting and duties.

If you are posted in office, you will be handling a lot of paperwork, both administrative and clerical. This job is similar to most SSC Jobs. If you are posted in the field, your job will take an adventurous turn. As a customs preventive officer, you will possess the power to arrest, detain, issue warrant against people you have reasonable doubt upon. You have to take responsibility and make sure to not no smuggling or illegal activities happen in your presence. Hence, this is quite an amazing job.

Preventive officers are given either field posting or office posting. Just like other SSC offered jobs, if the candidates are posted in office as preventive officers, they need to be limited to paper work and handling of files. Many candidates prefer a desk job, handling papers, documents and laws regarding the customs and detention in the country. The candidates who are posted in field need to be very active and far sighted. They need to keep an eye on the fact that there is no smuggling happening under their nose and keep a tight vigil on the suspects. There are some executive powers like, arrest, search, seizure or detention of things or people are given to the preventive officers working in the field. The officers can search or arrest any person, about whom they have any intelligence or report of miscreant. The preventive officers need to be always in their uniform to access the power given to them by the ministery.