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Tests will be available in Both the languages, English & Hindi.

After years of experience and relentless service to the aspirants across various competitive exams, StudyIQ had set its foot in the UPSC in 2016. Over time we have been accepted widely with open arms and a lot of positivity.

Our videos on YouTube and Pendrive modules have been a massive success. After a lot of positivity on our videos on previous year papers’ analysis, the experience of our faculty and the immense amount of skill and perseverance of the team, we promise a sizeable contribution in your dream of becoming a civil servant. As a matter of fact, the students that have kept a regular track of our videos have cleared prelims very comfortably.

With this confidence given to us by our students, we sought to formalize and unify our efforts in the form of a Test Series to help you all in the best possible manner last year. The response to our effort was warm and encouraging, to say the least. In spite of being our first year in the field of UPSC test-series, we are happy and proud to say that, taking our test series helped our subscribers handle around 65 questions in the 2018 prelims examination.

In UPSC Prelims 2018, 65 out of 100 and in Prelims 2019, 55 out of 100 Questions came from our Test Series.

Taking our pursuit of assisting the aspirants forward, we are announcing the Test Series for Prelims 2020 that is scheduled to be conducted on May 31, 2020.

The Test Series will start early this year, from August 12, 2019. There will be 45 tests (8 NCERT Tests, 15 Sectional Tests, 7 Full Length Tests, 15 Mock Tests ) comprehensively covering the length and breadth of the syllabus.

Course Content


  • Test 1 Polity 1

  • Test 2 Polity 2

  • Test 3 Geography

  • Test 4 Economy

  • Test 5 Environment & Ecology

  • Test 6 History

  • Test 7 History

  • Test 8 Science

Sectional Tests

  • Test 9 Polity-1

  • Test 10 Polity-2

  • Test 11 Polity-3

  • Test 12 Geography-1

  • Test 13 Geography-2

  • Test 14 Economy-1

  • Test 15 Economy-2

  • Test 16 Economy-3

  • Test 17 History-1

  • Test 18 History-2

  • Test 19 Art & Culture

  • Test 20 Environment & Ecology-1

  • Test 21 Environment & Ecology-2

  • Test 22 Science & Tech-1

  • Test 23 Science & Tech-2

Full Length Test

  • Test 24 Polity

  • Test 25 History, Art & Culture

  • Test 26 Economy

  • Test 27 Geography

  • Test 28 Science and Tech

  • Test 29 Environment & Ecology

  • Test 30 Current Affairs Test

Mock Tests

  • Test 31 Mock-1: GS

  • Test 32 Mock-2: CSAT

  • Test 33 Mock-3: GS

  • Test 34 Mock-4: CSAT

  • Test 35 Mock-5: GS

  • Test 36 Mock-6: CSAT

  • Test 37 Mock-7: GS

  • Test 38 Mock-8: GS

  • Test 39 Mock-9: GS

  • Test 40 Mock-10: GS

  • Test 41 Mock-11: CSAT

  • Test 42 Mock-12: GS

  • Test 43 Mock-13: GS

  • Test 44 Mock-14: GS

  • Test 45 Mock-15: CSAT

Our Packages

UPSC Prelim 2021

Rs.9000 7500.00 Rs.3000

Video Solution
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Validity:  Sep 31, 2020..
  • 45 Test
  • 8 NCERT Tests
  • 15 Sectional Tests
  • 7 Full Length Tests
  • 15 Mock Tests
Demo Test

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FAQ's Frequently asked questions

System Requirements ?

All Pendrive Courses Run On Windows 8 or 10

How to play videos through pendrive ?

Just Plug Pendrive in your computer and play videos. Instructions are given in Pendrive

What do you mean by validity ?

As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity of time

How will I ask doubts (If any) related to any subject ?

You can email them, each faculty has given their email id in the course.

Do I need internet at the time of using Pendrive?

No, Pendrive course is completely offline. you don’t need to have an internet at any point.

Can I extend validity later on ?

No, Validity is Pre-Fixed. It cannot get increased later on. so, chose validity accordingly

If anyone can download New Videos then, why would i pay extra ?

New videos will be authorised by our Pendrive only you have to plug our Pendrive(Dongle) in your computer/laptop. then only you will be able to play videos. After given validity, you would not be able to play New videos also. so choose validity wisely.

What do you mean by New Videos and how would I access them?

we will provide new videos for only Pendrive users on weekly basis (We start providing New videos on Daily Basis, When any big exam notification out). Go to the Download page to check New Videos.

What, If I need to format my system ?

Yes, you can play videos afterwards too There is no restrictions on number of users. you can play videos on one or many systems but only on one system at a time. As we mentioned before just plug Pendrive in any system and play videos.

How much time it will take to get delivered ?

Delivery totally based on the location of the user, if the user is in Delhi/NCR then only he/she get pendrive within 2-3 working days, else i will take 5-7 working days to get delivered at the address provided.

How can i get this course ?

You can purchase the course only from our website, then you have to visit pendrive courses section then you can see different available courses on that pendrive courses page then look at the course content and then you can purchase the course via "BUY NOW" Buton, payment will be done online via different modes of payment like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, E-wallets, UBI.

Can I Pay in Installments?

Yes, you can purchase the course in installments if you have these banks : ICICI, AXIS, American Express, Central Bank Of India, IndusInd bank, RBl Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Corporation Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered bank, Yes bank.

Can I Purchase A Single Subject Video material or Only One Subject From The Course?

No, the course is made for a dedicated job that contains all the subjects needed to crack that exam and course fee is calculated on the basis of all the subjects not to be sold subject-wise.

What If Pendrive or Dongle Has Lost, Damaged, Broken or Misplaced.

We are not responsible for any of this kind of problem or situation, in this case we will suggest you to purchase a new pendrive course.

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