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History GS (Pre + Mains) 2018

The History module offered by StudyIQ is aimed to cater to the preparation of topics covered in GS-I of UPSC mains and the History portion of Prelims. The importance of History in understanding India’s issues and develop a perspective on our current predicaments is immense. Therefore, disregarding History as just another theoretical subject marked by a number of dates will not help aspirants. On the other hand, it is vital for students to develop an understanding of the subject, be it Ancient, Medieval or Modern, be it Indian or World to ensure that the answers to the questions asked are score-worthy.

To help the aspirants in achieving this feat, we bring the History module in both English and Hindi covered by our senior faculty Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore.

The topics covered are Indian History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern) and Contemporary World History.

Course Structure

About Author

  • Dentist by training, Educator by passion - Dr.Mahipal Singh Rathore
  • Graduated from the prestigious Manipal University, Karnataka.
  • Wrote UPSC CSE Mains twice with History as the optional subject.
  • Rank 680 in Rajasthan Administrative services 2013.
  • Extensive Teaching experience both online and offline.
  • 1 Crore+ Views on YouTube.

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Ancient India
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
Medieval India
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
Modern India
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
World History
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
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Frequently asked questions

What will be the medium of this course?
This Geography GS (Pre+Mains) Course - is available in Hindi as well as English Medium.
What is Coverd in "Ancient India" Section ?
-Chronology, Sources of History and Pre history - Indus Valley Civilization - Vedic Age, Buddhism, Jainism - Magadh Empire-various dynasties, Mauryas - Post Mauryan Period – Satavahans, Indo Greeks, Shakas, Kushans - Sangam Age - Gupta Empire, Harshavardhan - Deccan & Southern Kingdoms – Satavahana, Pallavas, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Cholas
What is Covered in "Medieval India Of History GS" ?
– Early Medieval India – Rajput Age,Islam,Ghazni,Ghori – Delhi Sultanate part 1 – Slave and Khilji dyansties - Delhi Sultanate part 2 – Tughlaqs, Sayyid, Lodi, Administration, Society, Art and Culture - Sufism and Bhakti Movement - Vijaynagar and Bahmani Kingdoms – Mughals part 1 - Mughals part 2 – Marathas, Sikhs and Advent of Europeans
Which Topics Covered in Modern India ?
1. Company Rule - Carnatic wars, Bengal –Plassey Buxar. 2. Company Rule - Anglo-Mysore, Anglo-Maratha wars 3. 1773-1798 4. 1798 -1848 5. 1848-56 6. The Policies of British Rule 7. Revolt of 1857 8 (i) - Socio Religious movements 8 (ii) - Socio Religious movements 9. 1858-1892 10. National Movement 1 - National Movement - Revolutionary movement 13 - National Movement 3 - National Movement and many more
What is Covered in World History ?
- Industrial revolution - Capitalism, Communism, Socialism - American Revolution - French Revolution - Unification of Italy - Unification of Germany - Imperialism, Colonization and Decolonization - Russian Revolution - Nazism and Fascism - World Wars - Cold War - Disintegration of USSR