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Pendrive Course

Gujarat PSC 2018 Exams Courses

This course functions as a fully digital course for Gujarat State Level Competitive Exam/s. It covers the major events in Gujarat history from the time of settlement to the end of the freedom struggle. The graphics and pics used in our course is an educational tour that will take you across the mighty rivers, sky scrapping mountains, important religious and cultural, legislative assembly, Raj Bhavan of Gujarat. The goal for this course is to help you create an in-depth understanding about the State of Gujarat in terms of its History, Geography, Polity and much more. Our endeavour at StudyIQ is to deliver the best possible quality education content and here we offer you to explore the subjects in audio-visual format that has never been done before. We take pride in the making studies easier and fun for aspirants and we assure you that by the time you complete this course, you will have everything you need to crack the upcoming Gujarat civil service exams ranging GPSC to PI.

As per, 2016 Digital Education Survey a research conducted by Deloitte, indicates that 4/10 teachers say their school is behind the curve when it comes to technology use and adoption.

In fact, 79% of teachers believe technology makes a big difference in making learning more interesting.

Around the world, digital learning is replacing traditional educational methods more and more each day.

It empowers students by getting them to be more interested in learning and expanding their horizons.

Since digital learning is far more interactive and memorable than voluminous textbooks or one-sided lectures, they provide better context, a greater sense of perspective, and more engaging activities than traditional education methods. This allows students to better connect with the learning material.

The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of digital learning.

Our Gujarat Pen Drive Course fill the gaps where traditional classroom teaching falls behind. In fact, some of the efficiencies our tools bring are simply unmatchable by traditional learning techniques.

Note : This Course is Only 40% Completed Till Now Rest Of The Course Will Be Completed By Mid Of April 2018.

Course Structure

About Author

  • Our in-house Senior Faculty Mr. Prashant T Mavani
  • MSc in Management, University of Surrey (UK).
  • A leader and a team player, Prashant, has worked on many research projects with global students.
  • With 5 year plus managerial work experience ranging from flourishing local firm of UK to biggest brand of Europe, Prashant acquired practical understanding of business environment at a very young age.
  • Pedagogical experience: 4 years plus both in offline and online environment.
  • He is an expert in current affairs and general studies. Today, many of his students are working at different important positions after clearing various competitive exams under the guidance of Prashant Mavani.

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India - GS
History & Culture
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
By Bhumika Saini
Science & Technology
By Dr. Ravi P. Agrahari
Environment & Ecology
By Dr. Gaurav garg
Disaster Management
By Bhumika Saini
Internal Security
By Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore
By Parshant Mawani
Constitution & Polity
By Parshant Mawani
By Parshant Mawani
GS Paper I
GS Paper II
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24 Months..