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Prshant Dhawan

Faculty, English & Burning Issues

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  • Urban Naxals कौन है ? - Maharashtra Arrest Controversy - Supreme Court
  • Malaysia to Cancel $20 Billion China Backed Project
  • Chaukhandi Stupa declared Monument of National Importance
  • U.S Sanctions on Chinese Military
  • Odisha's Chandrabhaga Beach - Asia's first to get Blue Flag tag
  • IPCC Report on Climate Change 2018
  • North Sentinel Island of India अमेरिकी टूरिस्ट की सेंटिनल द्वीप पर हत्या
  • UPSC Exam Application अब Attempt माना जाएगा ?
  • PSLV-C44 Successful Launch by ISRO
  • Methanol Economy for India- What is Methanol Economy?
  • Titli Cyclone hits India - All you need to know
  • Gau Kalyan Cess UP में लगेगा गौ कल्याण सेस
  • Venezuela U.S Tensions वेनेजुएला और अमरीका क्यों हैं आमने-सामने
  • Salman Khan Jailed for 5 years - Why is Black Buck important? Who are Bishnoi? Current affairs 2018
  • Arunachal Pradesh Mega Dam Controversy Demwe Hydroelectric
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