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Prashant Dhawan

Senior Faculty, Science & Technology

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  • Rs 39,000 Crore Tejas Deal Finalised Current Affairs 2020
  • Diwali crackers - Short time enjoyment but painful future - Ban justified or not ?
  • Brazil’s Mysterious Yara Virus Current Affairs 2020
  • Science and Technology Current Affairs October 2017
  • Science and Technology Current Affairs November -2017
  • British MP Kashmir Controversy Current Affairs 2020
  • Lord Ram was Nepali says Nepal Prime Minister K.P Oli Current Affairs 2020
  • Indian Railway’s first Waste to Energy Plant Current Affairs 2020
  • India to buy American RQ-11 Raven and Israel Made FireFly loitering munition Current Affairs 2020
  • Science and Technology Current Affairs December -2017
  • Sri Lanka to Review Colombo Port Deal with India Current Affairs 2020
  • Blood group determination from Parents -?- UPSC/SSC
  • Northern European Enclosure Dam to save Europe Current Affairs 2020
  • Pakistan Issues New Political Map जूनागढ़ पर भी ठोका दावा Current Affairs 2020
  • Ecuador angry at China for entering its territory चीनी जहाजों से द्वीप को बचाने के लिए रणनीति
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