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UPSC IAS (Mains) LIVE Sociology Optional Batch 4
* Prices will increase after 31st March 2023
Course Details

Admission Closing on 8th March 2023 | Class Timing -1:00 PM

For further queries please call on 08068973353

StudyIQ is here with its Sociology Optional Course. Let’s start with understanding the merits
of Sociology Optional.

1. It tests the capability of integrating static knowledge with contemporary issues.
2. Most overlapping with GS subjects.
3. Scoring and very interesting with real-life examples.
4. Abundance of Sources from basic books like NCERTs to advanced books.
5. One of the highest selections and rewarding optional subject year on year.

Features of the course -

1. 400+ hours of live lectures spread over 5 months
2. Comprehensive coverage through high-quality lecture notes
3. Handwritten notes and handwritten model answers
4. Live answer writing program under the guidance of faculty
5. Previous Year Questions discussions
6. Sociology Current affairs to keep the aspirant updated
7. Doubt clearing sessions by the faculty
8. Static Session

Note : The notes and other content of the class will be provided only in English

At the beginning of the course, few orientation classes shall be conducted @ 11am. The information will be shared with the students.

Course Plan
About Authors
Divakar Bothra
  • Appeared for civil service interview 4 consecutive times from 2007 to 2012
  • Since 2014 has been mentoring civil services aspirants. Have taught at organizations like Vajiram & Ravi, Mrunal (PDPU), KSG, and others.
  • Education Qualification: B.Com, M.A Public Administration, M.A Sociology, M.B.L
Course Content
Frequently Asked Questions
How can existing students migrate to the new course?
They can contact us on our Support and our team will help them upgrade to the Live Course at a nominal cost. You can call us at 9580048004.
What about the existing users of our UPSC Pre+Mains(recorded course) ? Will they get all the updates?
Yes, existing users will continue to get Current Affair Updates, doubt sessions and other course related updates.
How will current affairs be covered in this course ?
Current affairs will be done through our CAP module. The CAP module will have high quality PDF which covers topics from multiple sources. The PDF will be explained through a video which will be available 9.30P.M daily (Monday - Saturday)
What is the Prelims Test Series component in the course ?
Prelims test series will be both online and offline(Postal based). Tests would be conducted weekly from August onwards. These are a set of 40+ tests which include both General studies and CSAT.
How will I get answer writing practice ?
After teaching every Mains-related topic, faculty will give a question for practice. Discussion will be done the next day. The student can evaluate the answer by themselves after the discussion from the faculty.
How can I give my weekly tests ?
MCQs can be solved on the StudyIQ App.