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UPSC IAS Mains PSIR Answer Writing Live February Batch 2025
* Prices will increase after 29th February
Course Details

Batch Started on 1st February, 2024 | Class Timing - 4:00 PM

For Further queries please call on : 080-6897-3353

Features of the course -

• PSIR through Mains Question & Answers in Live class.
• Advanced content with enriched value addition like : Examples, Thinkers, Case studies, Current Affairs.
• Introduction & Conclusions, And other answer writing techniques
• 200 + Most Important Questions & Model answers
• Discussion of questions & answers in the class by Shashank Sir
• Comprehensive evaluation of answers within 48 hours by expert team
• Zoom based doubt sessions bi-weekly.

Course Plan
About Authors
Shashank Tyagi
  • Mr. Shashank Tyagi has mentored Over 10000 Students Both Online and Offline.
  • He was awarded by Govt. of the NCT of Delhi for his Studies and Work.
  • He has a subject specialization in PSIR Optional and in General studies he has expertise in Polity & Governance.
Course Content
Frequently Asked Questions
What Will be the duration of the Course ?
The course will be completed in 3 to 4 months
What is the validity of the Course?
The validity of the course will be 12 months
What would be the batch timings?
Batch timings are from 4pm
Are the Classes Bilingual?
Yes, the classes will be in both Hindi & English
Is the content Bilingual?
No, the Content will be provided only in English
Is Mentorship provided for Optionals?
There is no one-to-one mentorship, however the faculties conducts doubt sessions on a regular basis.