Use Of Has Had, Have Had, Had Had – Learn English – Free PDF Download


  • We typically use has/have as a main verb with an object to talk about common actions. There are lots of things that we have in English, meaning that we enjoy or experience them –
  1. have breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper/a bite to eat/a light meal
  2. have a hot or cold drink/a glass of wine/a cup of coffee or tea/some water
  3. have a shower/a bath/a wash and shave
  4. have a rest/a siesta/a good sleep/a bad dream/a good night/a good dream
  5. have a walk/a swim/a good time/a nice evening/a day off/a break/a holiday/a busy day/a good journey/a good trip
  6. have a word with someone/a chat/a conversation/a quarrel/an argument
  7. have a headache/a sore throat/hay fever/a bad cold
  8. have a job/some work to do/money/things/an opportunity/a chance/an affair




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