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Stages Of Coronavirus – Burning issues – Free PDF download


  • Coronavirus has spread its influence across the lenghts and breaths of the world. With over 220,000 cases and 9,000 deaths, COVID-19 is a pandemic that has forced the world to resort to desperate measures.
  • From suspending commercial aircrafts from March 22 to asking people to work from home, life has been brought down to its knees in wake of the coronavirus.


  • STAGE-1: Imported Cases — When the virus has been transmitted by people travelling from abroad. It is the initial stages of the virus. In India the initial virus carriers are believed to be a group of Italians who later tested positive for COVID-19.
  • STAGE-2: Local Transmission — When people come in contact with those who have a travel history to countries affected by coronavirus, it is the second stage. India is currently in the second stage of coronavirus outbreak.


  • STAGE-3: Community Transmission — Community transmission happens when the infected person has not come in contact with anyone who has a travel history to the countries affected by coronavirus. Large scale spread of the virus takes place in this stage. India has currently not reached this stage of virus spread.
  • STAGE-4: Epidemic — This is the last stage of an outbreak. This is what happened in China when large massess got infected and there was a exponentially rising number of confirmed cases as well as deaths.



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