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  • Marine fuels also called bunker fuels, are generally divided into two different classes:-
  • Heavy fuel oil (HFO) and Distillates

  • The various marine fuels are produced from crude oil by means of fractional distillation in refineries.


  • Sulphur oxides (SOx) are known to be harmful to  human health, that causes respiratory symptoms and lung disease.
  • In the atmosphere, SOx can lead to acid rain, which  can harm crops, forests and aquatic species, and  contributes to the acidification of the oceans.

  • Bunker suppliers say that
  • East coast require about 30,000 tons of low  sulphur fuel oil a month to meet the requirement  of coastal ships plying on local routes.
  • The situation on the West coast is relatively better  due to the availability of the fuel in Kandla and  Cochin for most coastal ships.
  • There is virtually no supply of low sulphur fuel oil on the  east coast.
  • Thus all the coastal ships including the feeder container  vessels plying between Indian ports on the east coast will  come to a standstill from this week as soon as they  exhaust whatever little stock they had


  • Oil refiners have been blamed for  starting production of low  sulphur fuel oil late.


  • The looming crisis was discussed at a meeting  called by the Government with- Ship owners,
  • PSU oil refiners and The Director General of shipping  On January 9.
  • Government advised ship operators to use  diesel oil till the situation improved.
  • But, ship owners say that this was not a  workable and sustainable option.
  • Already normal fuel oil,  Costs ₹30,000 a ton,
  • Low sulphur fuel oil priced at ₹55,000 a ton.
  • Whereas Diesel Oil will cost ₹87,000 a ton.




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