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India to go ahead with $2.3 Billion Turkish Shipyard Deal – Burning Issues – Free PDF Download

India’s Requirement

  • India had to manufacture 45,000-tonne fleet support vessels at the Vizag-based Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL).

What is FSV?

  • An auxiliary ship is a naval ship designed to operate in support of combatant ships and other naval operations.
  • Auxiliaries are not primary combatants, although they may have some limited combat capacity, usually of a self-defence nature.
  • Auxiliaries are extremely important for navies of all sizes, as without them, the primary fleet vessels cannot be effective

May 2019

  • 8-year contract will see Turkish Shipyard (TAIS) and India’s stateowned Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) collaborate for the production of the vessels.
  • The first vessel expected to be delivered in 2024.
  • The remaining four vessels will be completed in 10-month intervals.
  • TAIS was elated that they won the tender as it is a very competitive market.
  • Note: Contract wasn’t signed formally. Just announced that Turkey won the contract.

October 2019: Security Concerns raised

  • Turkish shipyards are a major supplier of warships to the Pakistani Navy.
  • Concerns raised in India: Access to the strategic HSL by TAIS engineers and workers can result in serious security issues.
  • HSL is located close to the Ship Building Centre, where India’s nuclear armed submarines are built and the Eastern Naval Command has its headquarters.

 October 2019: Security Concerns raised

  • Close to October: Turkish President Erdogan had used the ceremony to launch new corvettes for the Pakistani Navy to once again talk about Kashmir. • The platform was also used by the Pakistan Navy chief Admiral Zafar Abbasi for anti-India propaganda.
  • Besides four new corvettes, Turkey has designed a fleet support vessel for Pakistan and has signed a deal to sell 30 T129 attack helicopters
  • Note: The contract still not signed.

Why Turkey and Pakistan are so close?

  • Pakistan and Turkey were part of the Western alliance during the cold war.
  • While India was part of the non aligned movement.
  • Turkey expressed concern on India’s unilateral decision to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution.
  • Pakistan gets turkish journalist to visit pak controlled kashmir to garner support against india

March 2020

  • India is going ahead with a $2.3 billion (about Rs 15,000 crore) deal.
  • India issued a strong statement rejecting all references made to Jammu and Kashmir in a joint declaration by Turkey and Pakistan during President Erdogan’s visit to Islamabad last month *February 2020.
  • Note: Formal Contract Signed.

Why India went Ahead with Turkey?

  • Turkey and Pakistan can be friend but they can never work together.
  • In Kashmir, Turkey supports Pakistan but they refuse to intervene. (Turkey does not want to lose their chance with India)
  • China’s ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang, where majority belong to Turkic Uyghur people (Pakistan supports China)

Why India went Ahead with Turkey?

  • Because Turkey supported Islamic state of Afghanistan while Pakistan allies with more cruel and brutal Taliban group.


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