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 Job Profile: Assistant External Affairs - SSC CGL 2019


Routine noting, drafting, writing letter and submission of cases

Required to locate and collect other files or papers, information, data and material, if any, referred to in the receipt, or having a bearing on the issues raised therein.

Identify and examine the issues involved in the court case and record a note.

Assisting in the formulation and monitoring implementation of policies concerning subjects.

Monitoring & review of the implementation of policies/schemes. The assistant section officer Officers as a part of permanent

bureaucratic setup is expected to perform on all counts.


Quick Preview:

You need to score well in CGL Exam (read rank in Single/early double digits) to get it for foreign posting,
you need to pass the respective (country wise) language proficiency test, few vacancies and

 charm of foreign postings makes MEA the fanciest post in CGL Exam Unlike CSS, posting can be anywhere

 from MEA, South Block, Delhi to Passport offices to Special Missions in Bangladesh to the Embassies in USA (as well as Uganda).

Typical 5 days a week, 9 am to 5.30 pm job.

Assistant get official passport (white colour), but not the diplomat’s passport (red colour).

 Still the official passport is different from normal citizen’s passport (blue colour)

Requires very good communication and interpersonal skills to flourish and grow in MEA.

There are 162 Indian missions abroad where an Assistant can be asked to serve.

This is one of the most sought-after Assistant Posts, In CGL exam, for the chance of getting International Postings and serve in Indian missions abroad.

However, the information available and being circulated is laden with errors.

Through this post, we have tried to dispel some of the major myths and half-baked truths being circulated on various groups and forums.