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Parties & their Stand:

  • Vote bank Politics or Democratic Inclusiveness


  • BJP in 2019 delivered a stupendous victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi second time
  • The party is believed to be pursuing a Hindu majoritarian agenda defying India’s secular constitutional order by opposition.
  • It is often termed as “Elite Party “ or “Businessman’s Party”

FOCUS : From Elite to Non- Elite

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention at the national executive meetof the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held that the party reached out to the marginalised and “non-elite” sections of minority communities, was not just restricted to the Pasmanda community among Muslims, but also to Christian communities in States like Kerala and Goa that could be reached out by the BJP leaders of the northeast.


  • It was during the BJP’s discussion over the party’s bypoll wins in Azamgarh and Rampur in Uttar Pradesh (areas with significant minority populations) that the issue came up.
  • BJP getting significant votes to win even after called as “Hindu Party”

The Fragmentations

  • The Prime Minister made an intervention during U.P. unit chief Swatantra Dev Singh’s presentation, that there was a need for exploring new social equations within minority communities, the need to look at communities not as monoliths but with different interests and different positions within the social and economic hierarchies of these communities.
  • The issues on which the elites or different ethnicities of a particular communities respond to are different from what the other ethnicities and poor and marginalised within these communities respond to.
  • Politics at “National Level” is very different from “Local Level”

Had it been onlu Hindu Party, then this ?

  • Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s intervention during the political resolution was on how certain Assamese Muslim communities were supportive of the BJP compared to Bengali speaking ones.
  • Sarma’s speech also underlined that the party had won seats in Muslim dominated areas during municipal polls, not yet in Assembly or Lok Sabha polls, pointing to fact that the issues being voted on in local body polls were different.

  • The party’s expansion in the Christian dominated areas of the northeast was also flagged by Mr. Modi, who said that the BJP had won seats in the northeast even in areas where there was a “100% Christian population”
  • These leaders should travel to States like Goa and Kerala to speak about the party
  • The outreach to Christians is also not a new thing; Mr. Modi had spoken of it in 2016 as well.

Intense Outlook/ Responses since years

  • In 2012 late Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for the first time, made inroads among the Christian community on a strong anti-corruption plank to be elected Chief Minister there.
  • In fact, during the 2013 Assembly elections in Karnataka, a couple of BJP MLAs belonging to the Christian community were despatched to speak to community leaders in Mangaluru, but they didn’t get much response in the polarised coastal belt of the State.

Cloud of doubt

  • The raising of the issue of reaching out to sections of the minority communities, and basically not treating them as monolithic entities
  • Got questioned during :-
    • Protests erupted over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)
    • Bulldozing of the properties of minority community members

  • Empowerment :- PAN India/ Community Neutral
  • Various PAN India schemes executed/drafted/implemented by BJP Government is PAN India irrespective of Religious Community

1) Atal Pension Yojana 

  • APY was launched on 9th May, 2015 to open all saving bank/post office saving bank account, for holders in the age group of 18 to 40 years and the contributions differ, based on pension amount chosen.
  • Religion not a criteria

2) Stand Up India Scheme

  • Stand Up India scheme caters to promoting entrepreneurship amongst women, SC & ST category e those sections of the population facing significant hurdles due to lack of advice/mentorship as well as inadequate and delayed credit.




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