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The Hindu Editorial News Analysis 27th Nov 2017

Desert Storm-Egypt

  • Chaos in the region makes Egypt’s counter-terror task more challenging
  • Friday- Sufi mosque-killed at least 305
  • Egypt faces from a stronger and more brutish Islamist militancy
  • Local arm of the Islamic State
  • IS’s strategy in Egypt is similar to that in Syria and Iraq.
  • Group is targeting Christians, who make up about 10%
  • Egypt’s Sinai- historically neglected
  • Egyptian Islamists- returned home
  • The Egyptian government also needs to take steps to address the long-term grievances of the Sinai’s population.

Messy(गंदा) •Fix

  • Amendments aim to keep-out such persons
    1)-Who have wilfully defaulted,
    2)-Non-performing assets
    3)-Addition to putting in place restrictions for such persons to participate in
    the resolution or liquidation process
  • Becoming an instrument of blunt force that hurts more than it helps.
  • Not all bad loans are a result of mala •de intent on the borrower’s part.
  • In cases, companies have ended up struggling to service debt as a result of unpredictable external factors- adversely impacted operations and financials
  • Steel companies were among the worst hit in the wake of
    • 1-Global downturn in commodity prices
    • 2)-Depressed demand
  •  Centre may have ended up, unintentionally, throwing the baby out
    with the bathwater(नहानेका पानी).

Locked out, without a GI tag

  • Law of Geographical Indications (GIs) is linked to the terroir, that is the
    quality of a product is essentially attributable to the territory where
    product originates from.
  • GIs support local production and important rural and tribal communities
    Unlike Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) which guarantee individual interest
    GI is a collective right.
  • India implemented GI in 1999, a prime reason being its obligation to have
    a law on GI as a member of the World Trade Organisation-Trade Related
    Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (WTO-TRIPS)
  • Politics behind the incorporation of GI in TRIPS
  • United States was not a supporter of GI, it was lobbying by the EU that
    ensured its inclusion in TRIPS.
  • The EU already had its domestic mechanisms in place to protect GIs
    and was keen to protect its products in international markets.

  • Proprietor of GI relating to wines and spirits does not have to prove that
    incorrect use of the geographic origin is misleading as well.
  • India has failed to introspect(आत्मननरीक्षण) on its own domestic legislation.
  • Important to highlight the shortcomings of the Indian GI Act.
  • Against this backdrop, proof of origin is a mandatory criterion for registering GIs in India.
  • This provision is borrowed from the EU’s regulations on GI protection.
  • Historic proof in the form of documentary evidence (gazetteers, documents,
    news articles, advertisement materials).
  • Including such a provision in our law as there was no mandate under TRIPs
    to do so.
  • Documentary evidence as proof of origin may be a foolproof mechanism
    to ensure the link between the product and territory
  • Northeast where oral history has had far wider convention over
    written history, this provision will prove to be a formidable hurdle.


  • Assam -One such example is a traditional rice wine called ‘Judima’ which is
    made by Dimasa tribe of Dima Hasao, one of the autonomous hill districts.
  • Difficulty in gathering documentary evidence as proof of origin.
  •  It is the same case with many other products from the Northeast
  • Judima’, word ‘Ju’ stands for drink and ‘Dima’ for Dimasas, but the absenceof any documentary proof makes the case a difficult one to prove.
  • What is rationality behind including and retaining such provisions in law?
  • For most products, especially those of tribal communities
  • India faced difficulties patent case involving turmeric when two scientists
    of the University of Mississippi Medical Centre, were granted U.S. patent
    for the use of turmeric in wound(घाव) healing.
  • India Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), which opposed this
    , was asked by U.S. Patent and Trademark to submit documentary evidence
    of usage of turmeric for healing purposes in India in order to revoke patent
  • CSIR was compelled to launch a project of translating ancient Sanskrit texts
    which were later produced as evidence, and accepted
  • So, what happens in cases such where a written history is rare?
  • The GI authorities should amend the existing provision.

A toolkit to think local

  • A team of over 250 scientists and others from around 100 institutions who
    are part of the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative has analysed
    and described these trends for every State from 1990 to 2016.
  • Its report was released by the Vice President of India
  • Policymakers in India need reliable disease burden data at sub national levels
  • Planning based on local trends can improve health of populations effectively.
  • Inequalities among States
  • Per person disease burden, has dropped in India by 36% from 1990 to 201
  • But there are major inequalities among States
  • Worse in the major northern poor States and Assam
  • air pollution levels in India are among highest world,making it second leading
    risk factor in 2016, responsible for 10% of total disease burden in country
    1)-Cardiovascular diseases,
    2)-Chronic respiratory diseases,
  • Group of risks that include
    1)-Unhealthy diet,
    2)-High blood pressure,
    3)-High blood sugar,
    4)-High cholesterol and overweight,
  • This new knowledge base and the annual updates planned by
    the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative will provide important inputs
    for the data-driven and decentralised health planning and monitoring recom
    mended by National Health Policy 2017 and the NITI Aayog Action Agenda

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1- Humanity must unite to fight terrorism, says Modi
  •  ‘Country can never forget the sacrifice of 26/11 victims’
  •  Pak. will be isolated: Jaitley
  •  Targeting Pakistan for the release of 26/11 attack mastermind Hafi•z Saeed,
    Union Minister Arun Jaitley said in Surat that a nation that supported terror
    would not •find a place on the world stage.

  • Page-10– PM lays stress on balance of power
  •  Paying homage to the members of the Constituent Assembly on the occasion
  •  of National Law Day(26 nov) on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said
    the balance of power among the executive, the legislature and
    the judiciary had been the backbone of the Constitution.
  • Nepal’s historic polls see 65% turnout
  •  Digital discount: rise in compliance burden feared
  •  GST Council’s proposal to o•er a 2% discount may spur digital payments but would necessitate changes in the GST returns process
  •  Will help Apple set up facility in India: Centre
  •  Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu said Centre would support
    iPhone-maker Apple to set up a manufacturing unit in country and is awaiting
    a formal proposal from them.
  • India’s most successful campaign in the World youth women’s boxing championship became even sweeter as all its •five boxers in the •finals bagged gold medals at the
    N.C. Bordoloi Indoor Stadium

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