wetlands in india

  • Wetlands in India List, Map, Types, Importance and Threats

    Wetlands in India Wetlands are regions where water plays a major role in regulating the surrounding ecosystem, along with the plant and animal life that it supports. Where the water table is at or close to the surface of the...

    Published On March 8th, 2023
  • Wetland Degradation

    Key Highlights from the Wetland Degradation Report Wetland degradation: According to the estimates, India has lost nearly two of five wetlands in the last 30 years, while 40% of them can’t support aquatic animals. Major causes of degradation: Unplanned urbanization:...

    Published On January 13th, 2023
  • Wetlands in India – Number of wetlands in india – Static GK – Free PDF Download

    Wetland: Marsh, fen, peat land or water Natural or Artificial permanent or temporary static or flowing, fresh, brackish  or salt( including areas of marine water) Definition according to Govt. of India:  Does not include river channel, paddy field, Other areas...

    Published On July 27th, 2022