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  1. MBT Arjuna is the main battle tank of India that we have procured from Russia
  2. It is Indian version of T-90 tanks of Russia
  • Choose correct

(A)Only 1
(B)Only 2
(C) Both


  1. dependence on oil imports is lowering for some years in India
  2. According to the new Hydrocarbon policy private players are barred from oil extraction
  • Choose correct

(A)Only 1
(B)Only 2
(C) Both

  • The government has constituted a six-member committee to look at selling as many as 149 small and marginal oil and gas fields of state-owned ONGC and OIL to private and foreign companies to boost domestic output, sources said.
  • Sources said the committee is a follow up of the October 12 meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to review domestic production profile of oil and gas and the roadmap for cutting import dependence by 10 per cent by 2022.
  • the Oil Ministry made a presentation showing that 149 smaller fields of Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), Oil India Ltd (OIL) and other explorers accounted for just 5 per cent of the domestic crude oil production.
  • It was suggested at the meeting that these smaller fields could be given out to private and foreign firms and ONGC could concentrate on the big ones where it could rope in technology partners through production enhancement contracts (PEC) or technical service arrangements.
  • In the first round The government gave out 34 fields to private firms by offering them pricing and marketing freedom for oil and gas they produced from the fields in the first round of Discovered Small Field (DSF). The second round of DSF with 25 fields on offer is currently under bidding.


  • NASA recently launched VISIONS-2 rocket. It is related to
  1. Ionosphere processes
  2. To get pictures of Sun spots
  3. To observe jet streams patterns
  4. To understand atmospheric escape
  • NASA is set to launch VISIONS-2 rocket to get a closer look at the how the earth’s atmosphere is leaking into space.
  • The VISIONS-2 mission, Visualizing Ion Outflow via Neutral Atom Sensing-2, is scheduled to be launched on December 4.
  • Understanding atmospheric escape on earth has applications all over the Universe, from predicting which planets might be habitable, to piecing together how Mars became a desolate landscape.
  • A sounding rocket makes brief, targeted flights into space before falling back to Earth just a few minutes later. Sounding rockets are unique among scientific spacecraft for their superior dexterity.
  • They can be carted to remote locations, where they are aimed and shot into short-lived events, like the sudden formation of the aurora borealis, at a moment’s notice. The aurora borealis is of keen interest to the VISIONS-2 team, but not just for its otherworldly glow. The aurora play are fundamental drivers in the process of atmospheric escape, whereby planets, including Earth, gradually leak their atmosphere into space.


  1. The G20 group operates without a permanent secretariat or staff
  2. India is going to host the annual G20 summit in 2020
  • Choose correct

(A)Only 1
(B)Only 2
(C) Both

  • The G20 operates without a permanent secretariat or staff. The group’s chair rotates annually among the members and is selected from a different regional grouping of countries.
  • The incumbent chair establishes a temporary secretariat for the duration of its term, which coordinates the group’s work and organizes its meetings.
  • The current chair of the G20 is Argentina, which took over the chair on 1 December 2017.
  • The 2017 chair was Germany, which hosted the 2017 Summit in Hamburg. The 2019 chair will be Japan, which will host the 2019 G20 Osaka summit.2020 summit will going to be in Saudi Arabia
  • India is to host the annual G20 summit in 2022 as it will be celebrating its 75th anniversary of Independence. This will be India’s first time to host the G20 summit. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the closing ceremony of the 13th G20 summit in the Argentinian capital on 1st December 2018.
  • The Prime Minister thanked Italy for allowing India to play the host as it was to host the summit in 2022.


  • ‘Ex Cope India-18’ is a military exercise between India & __
  1. Japan
  2. Italy
  3. UK
  4. USA
  • The Air Forces of India (IAF) and the U.S. began the ‘Ex Cope India-18’, a 12-day military exercise, in the Kalaikunda and Panagarh air bases in West Bengal.
  • The aim is to enhance operational coordination and to provide operational exposure and undertake the mutual exchange of best practices towards enhancing operational capability.
  • This exercise is the fourth edition in the series of bilateral drills between the Indian Air Force and the U.S. Air Force.
  • This is for the first time, the exercise is being held at two Air Force bases. The U.S. has sent a fleet of F15 C/D and C-130 military aircraft. The IAF is participating with the Su-30 MKI, Jaguar, Mirage 2000, C-130J and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft.


  •  _________has become the first country in the world to recognise so-called orphanage trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery.


  • Australia has become the first country in the world to recognise so-called orphanage trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery.
  • Children from smaller countries are recruited in orphanages in the West for the purpose of profit through foreign aid.
  • The legislation forms part of a wider drive to stop Australians taking part in “voluntourism” schemes which harm rather than help the children.
  • It is estimated 80% of children living in the world’s orphanages have at least one living parent.
  • In many cases, they have been lured to the orphanages to attract volunteers.


  1. Nagaland is the first state to adopt 112 ERSS pan-India single emergency number
  2. Central Government has allocated fund under Nirbhaya Fund for implementation of ERSS project across the country.
  • Choose correct

(A)Only 1
(B)Only 2
(C) Both

  • Himachal Pradesh is the first state to launch pan-India single emergency number ‘112’ under ERSS.
  • single number based 112 emergency services which will connect to Police, Fire, Health and other helplines through an Emergency Response Centre in the State. This service obviates the need for citizens to remember multiple helpline numbers.
  • Emergency Response Centre has been integrated with Police (100), Fire (101), Health (108) and Women helpline (1090) Services to provide emergency services via single emergency number – 112. The service also includes a ‘112 India’ mobile app integrated with Panic Button of smartphones and ERSS State website for ease of citizen in availing immediate assistance. To increase the effectiveness of Emergency Response, the ERC has also been integrated with Location Based Services provided by Telecom Service Providers.
  • To ensure safety of women, a SHOUT feature has been introduced in ‘112 India’ mobile app to seek immediate assistance from registered volunteers in the vicinity apart from the immediate assistance from Emergency Response Centre. The SHOUT feature is exclusively available to women.


  • India’s Passport power index rank in 2018 is
  1. 21
  2. 77
  3. 120
  4. 66
  • As per the ratings released by Passport Index, the United Arab Emirates has topped the Global Passport Power Rank 2018, emerging as the country with the most powerful passport in world.
  • UAE passport holders can now fly to 113 countries without a visa, and 54 others with a visa-on-arrival.
  • Singapore and Germany ranks second with 166 countries.
  • India ranked 66th in Global Passport Power Rank 2018.

MCQ 9 ________unveiled USD 200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, adding this amounts to a doubling of its current five-year funding.

  1. USA
  2. World Bank
  3. IMF
  • World Bank unveiled USD 200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, adding this amounts to a doubling of its current five-year funding.
  • The move coincided with a UN climate summit in Katowice (Poland).
  • The breakdown of 200 billion dollars would comprise approximately 100 billion in direct finance from the World Bank.
  • Around one-third of the remaining funding will come from two World Bank Group agencies with the rest private capital mobilized by the World Bank Group.

MCQ 10

  • SHINYUU Maitri-18 bilateral air exercise is between India & ____
  1. USA
  2. CHINA
  3. JAPAN
  4. Myanmar

First India Japan Air Exercise SHINYUU Maitri 2018

  • A bilateral air exercise ‘SHINYUU Maitri-18’, between the Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) and Indian Air Force (IAF) began on December 3, 2018 at Air Force Station Agra.
  • The exercise ended on December 7, 2018. The theme of the exercise is joint Mobility/Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) on Transport aircraft.
  • IAF is participating with An-32 and C-17 aircraft with aircrew & observers.



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