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Pakistan provokes Indian Muslims to violate Lockdown rules – Burning Issues – Free PDF

 ‘Project Digital Vaccine: Weaponising Disinformation to Destroy COVID19 Lockdowns’

  • Report prepared by cyber experts of Delhi Police’s Special Branch A ‘deliberate disinformation campaign’ is being run by Pakistan to ‘instigate’ Indian Muslims to violate the nationwide lockdown.
  • “Several of the videos appear to be shot in Pakistan and Middle East but audio in Hindi has been superimposed to create a Hindi video.”
  • “Videos of Muslims refusing to get themselves tested and beating medical personnel are also being spread with request to do the same and inspire other Muslim brothers”.
  • Tablighi jamaat patients making vulgar signs, roaming nude inside hospital: Ghaziabad CMO Tells Police
  • “These disinformation/fake news videos watched by millions of users may end up influencing the thoughts of a large section of people in the targeted religion, ”

TikTok is being used (Chinese App)

  •  “TikTok, a chinese-origin video-sharing app, is being used as a primary medium to create. These videos are further shared on other platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.”
  •  Initial analysis of these viral videos reveal more than 10 million users have already watched them, suggesting a high degree of impact in society. 35000 Videos (10 Million Viewers already)

Misinformation about Tablighi Jamaat

  • A YouTube channel has posted a new video, claiming there was not a single positive Covid-19 case in the Markaz. “YouTube channels with lakhs of subscribers have uploaded videos and audio of Maulana (Muhammad) Saad, asking Muslims to make fun of social distancing and to ignore government directions,”

Report Suggests

  • “Timely removal and quick rebuttal of such deliberate disinformation campaigns is required to ensure Indian citizens from all religions strictly follow the national mission of social distancing and adhere to the lockdown guidelines”

 Should TikTok be banned?

  • TikTok was banned in India in April 2019 for 2 Weeks.


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