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No more Spam Calls | Laws Related to Spam Calls – Judiciary Exam – Free PDF Download


  • India is one of the most spammed countries in the world. Almost every Indian receives pesky or promotional calls on a daily basis, claims caller ID app Truecaller.
  • They experience a flurry of spam SMSes or calls from banks, insurance brokers, car dealers, property agents and lately income opportunities – all being offered via the phone.


  • About 18% of the people get 6-10 pesky or unwanted calls per day.
  •  37% get 3-5 of them.
  • Only 1% of the people said that they don’t get a spam call on a daily basis, as per the survey.


  • 14% of the Indians use a caller identification app that helps them recognise who is calling them and avoid, if it’s spam.
  • 42% of them prefer to pick the calls and later block these spammers.
  • 21% of them say that they pick such calls and ask them not to ring them again.


  • To opt out of any promotional SMS henceforth, a mobile phone subscriber will need to send an SMS to 1909 with the message ‘STOP’ followed by the name of the company which has been sending the nagging, unwanted communication.
  • In case of registered telemarketer, the per violation penalty ranges from Rs.1000 and goes up to Rs.10,000, with the disconnection happening when the unwanted communication goes on for three months in particular cases, or exceeds 50 cases in a month.
  • Telecom department has also created two special wings,

Digital intelligence unit.

  • telecom analytics for fraud management and consumers protection to track crimes committed through telecom networks.
  • Coordinate with the law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and other government agencies in cases involving frauds using telecom resources or services.
  • They would also identify the connections obtained on fake and false documents.
  • Providing facility to the consumers to know the numbers of connections working against their names and to report about the connection is not taken by them.
  • A grievance redressal system, among other things, will provide a platform for the public to register their complaints and monitor its resolution with respect to any unsolicited commercial communication.



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