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NDTV Challenges Adani Control Over Media Group

What has happened?

  • NDTV (New Delhi Television Ltd) on Thursday said that the Adani group needs prior approval from India’s capital markets regulator SEBI,
  • To acquire 99.5% control of RRPR Holding, the promoter-owned company that owns 29.18% of the news network.
  • RRPR Holding is owned by NDTV founder Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy.

  • More than a decade ago, NDTV founders Radhika and Prannoy Roy took a 4 billion Indian rupees ($50 million) loan from VCPL, and
  • In exchange issued warrants that allowed the company to acquire a 29.18% stake in the news group.
  • Those warrants were convertible at any time.
  • Adani Group said on Tuesday it had acquired VCPL and exercised those rights, which should give it the 29.18% stake.
  • NDTV said it has been given two days to transfer all the shares to the now Adani Group-owned VCPL.
  • Adani Group’s takeover bid is without NDTV’s consent, the news organisation said in a statement hours after the announcement.

An open offer

  • Adani Group’s indirect control over a stake above 25% means it must put forward an open offer to purchase at least 26% more from existing shareholders to give them an opportunity to exit, according to Indian regulations.
  • Laying out its plan, the Adani Group said the open offer will be at 294 rupees per NDTV share for a total consideration of up to $62 million.
  • At the full take-up, this would give it 55.18% of the popular news network.

Insider trading

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India has barred NDTV promoters, Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy, from the securities market for two years.
  • The market regulator has also directed them to disgorge illegal gains of more than Rs 16.97 crore for indulging in insider trading over 12 years ago.

What next for NDTV?

  • One option would be for the owners to make their own open offer at a higher price to try to increase their stake.
  • But, LTS Investment Fund which owns 9.75% in NDTV, also owns 1.69 per cent in Adani Enterprises and also in other group companies including Adani Power 1.09%, Adani Transmission 1.63% and Adani Total Gas (1.27%).
  • Also, NDTV founders could try to stall Adani Group’s bid by alleging breach of contract and approach an Indian court for relief

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