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India Supports Argentina Over Falklands Issue

What has happened?

  • India on Friday said that it supports international negotiations to resolve the territorial dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom regarding the Malvinas, also known as the Falkland Islands.

  • The Falklands Islands issue was raised by the Argentine foreign minister Cafiero when he visited in April earlier this year.
  • Cafiero while speaking to news agency WION said at that time that there was need for the UK and Argentina to return to the path of diplomacy to resolve the issues related to sovereignty of the Malvinas islands aka Falklands Islands

What’s the island controversy with UK?

  • The territory which comprises over two major islands and more than 200 small islands was subject of a bitter war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982.
  • The Argentinian military staked claim to the island and sent its forces to occupy it but were ousted by the British Army.

  • Argentina still continues to stake claim on the island citing that it inherited the island from the Spanish crown in the early 1800s and also citing its geographical proximity to the South American mainland.
  • Argentina has been claiming the island since 1820.
  • In 1994, Argentina adopted a new constitution, which declared the Falkland Islands as part of one of its provinces by law.
  • The UK says the island is British overseas territory claiming that it has handled the administration of the island for centuries.
  • The UK doubled down on its claims after islanders voted to remain a British overseas territory in 2013.
  • Argentina contends that the outcome of the war did not resolve the issues of sovereignty.
  • The UK contends by saying that Argetinian claims over the islands, which are opposed to the wishes of the islanders, could create a new colonial situation.

So how India is supporting Argentina?

  • “India reiterated its support to the resumption of negotiations to find a solution to the sovereignty issue relating to the Question of the Malvinas Islands,
  • In accordance with the Resolutions of the UNGA and the Special Committee on Decolonization,” the joint statement said.
  • India in the past has also mentioned Malvinas. But the difference is-
  • 2009: Support for negotiations
  • 2022: Support to resumption of negotiations
  • The support from India to restart dialogue on the issue of Islas Malvinas exhibits increasing close ties between Delhi and Buenos Aires on global issues.
  • Argentina is hopeful that at the UN and other global forums it will receive India’s support on the issue, also aided by the fact that there is a prevalent anti-colonial sentiment in the UN.

Talks on Tejas

  • Both ministers also discussed the prospects of Made in India TEJAS fighter aircraft for Argentine Air Forces.
  • Argentina showed interest in procuring the jets earlier and India acknowledged the Argentine interest.
  • The talks on fighter aircraft come as a number of countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have shown interest in the Made in India jet. Tejas is indigenous aircraft in the defence market which has caught the eye of several nations.

  • The Indian Air Force had recently equipped the Tejas with the French-origin Hammer air-to-ground stand-off missile along with the indigenous Astra indigenous air-to-air missiles.
  • Indian armed forces have extensively utilised the delegated financial powers granted to them in different phases by the government to equip themselves with the necessary weaponry to handle any conflict or aggression by enemies on both sides.

Discussion on other issues

  • India is also interested in exploring payment through local currencies.
  • There were also talks between both ministers regarding the enhancement of military exchanges and increasing trade in strategic sectors.
  • Argentina expressed its strong support to India’s bid for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG).
  • India supports Argentina’s bid for BRICS Membership.
  • Union minister of external affairs S Jaishankar is on a visit to South America and is on a three-nation visit. He visited Paraguay and Brazil.

Q) Which among the following is not a cold current?

  1. Falkland Current
  2. Labrador Current
  3. Agulhas Current
  4. Benguela Current




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