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The Hindu Editorial News Analysis 6th Dec 2017

New India formula?

  • 15th Finance Commission’s job will be especially tricky in the time of GST
  • Constitutional body is tasked- recommending a •fiscal road map and a sharing of resources
    between the Centre and the States.
  • Former Revenue Secretary N.K. Singh, who has been appointed chairman of the Commission, held preliminary discussions on its ―wide-ranging‖ terms of reference and decided to hold expeditious consultations with stakeholders at all administrative levels as well as with political parties.
  • Commission has less than two years – Submit its report by October 2019
  • Period from April 2020 to March 2025.
  • 14th FC recommendation to raise the States‘ share in the divisible pool of taxes to 42% from
    the previous 32% level, PM decided to strengthen the States‘ capacity
  • To move away from a ‘one-size-•fits-all‘ approach
  • Centre has urged the Commission to •finalise its tax-devolution formula after factoring in
    the impact on the Union‘s •fiscal situation, keeping in mind ―the continuing imperative
    of the national development programme including New India – 2022‖.
  • The rollout of the goods and services tax, which marks a new chapter in tax administration
    with both the Centre and States working together through the GST Council, makes the
    challenge trickier.
  • Centre is committed to compensating States for any revenue losses arising out of GST implem entation till June 2022,
  • Thus covering nearly half the period for which the Commission is to recommend a formula.
  • Challenge would lie especially when one has to reward a State for showing control or lack of it in incurring expenditure on populist measures‘.

Of crime and punishment

  • Police reform in India has been concerned with political interference ever since the landmark Supreme Court judgement, in 2006, on the subject.
  • National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), ―Crime in India 2016‖,
  • Presents a dismal picture of the key performance statistic with only 47% convictions in
    Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes at the national level.
  • Delhi provides an interesting case study, where there is no political interference and the Police Commissioner reports to the Lieutenant Governor, and not the Chief Minister.
  • With a population smaller than Mumbai, it has two times the number of police stations.
  • Yet, in Delhi, while 1,90,876 persons were sent to trial last year, there were only 9,837 IPC
    convictions in the year.
  • In Delhi only 58% of those arrested were chargesheeted, while in Mumbai, more persons
    were chargesheeted than were arrested for IPC crimes
  • Delhi, 13,803 crimes against women were reported and no chargesheets •led in 4,371 cases (32%); in Mumbai with 5,128 crimes reported against women, •final reports were •led in only 15%
  • The key statistic of police performance is not merely correct reporting and recording but
    chargesheets and convictions, as this impacts on criminal behaviour.
  • DNA testing
  • Delhi, DNA testing, which can secure higher conviction rates, is, inexplicably, a low priority.
  • Only one forensic testing laboratory, with around 9,000 sample spending for examination
  • Delhi has a conviction rate of only 21%, 24% and 30% in cases of kidnapping and abduction, rape and murder, respectively
  • Distinguish between accountability and operational responsibility.
  • Unresolved issues
    a)-Despite the recommendations of a)-Law Commissions and
    b)-The Supreme Court,
    c)-As well going by experience in the developed world,
  • We do not have separate wings for investigation of crime and for law and ord
  •  2)-The criminal justice system should be limited to crimes under the IPC,
  • while enforcement of administrative law and social legislation requires a different approach
    involving summary trials, changing societal attitudes and modes of behaviour.
  • For example, Britain part-time lay judges outnumber full-time judges, leaving the judiciary
    to concentrate on the real crime.
  • 3)-Effectiveness of prisons is now being questioned.
  • Nearly 2/3 of the prison population is awaiting trial and half the number of undertrials
    are normally acquitted(बरी कर दिया).
  • Main purpose of criminal administration should be the prevention of crime, and the police
    cannot be an instrument of social change.
  • Administrative measures and •fines levied by honorary and executive magistrates
    will change behaviour better than penal action.

‘GST opens up a lot of data for policymaking’

  • T.C.A. Anant is the Chief Statistician of India, and Secretary,
    Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
  • GST is going to give us a database about the economy which is qualitatively very
    different from anything we had in the past
  • Demonetisation story
  • Digital transactions has changed.
  • That has sustained And that is a good 8-10% increase
  • What more can be done to capture data of the informal sector?

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1-Supreme Court refuses to defer Ayodhya case hearing
  • Sunni Waqf Board sought to postpone case till the 2019 general election
  • Bench, fixed the date for •final hearing on February 8, 2018
  • Delhi court verdict in 2G case on Dec. 21
  • A Delhi court on Tuesday fixed December 21 for pronouncement of judgment in
    the 2G spectrum allocation scam case.
  • Cyclone Ockhi moved closer to Gujarat- Cyclone Ockhi threatened Gujarat
  • Govt. announces •8,450 crore package to boost exports
  • Move to counter impact of GST, likely to create jobs
  • Mainly from labour-intensive segments and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Page–7- Panchayat certificate no proof of citizenship‘
  • The Supreme Court Tuesday set aside a Gauhati High Court order which held that residence
    certificates issued by Gaon Panchayat secretary cannot be used to support claims for inclusion in the National Register for Citizens (NRC), but made it clear that such certificate alone was no proof of citizenship and can only be relied on to establish a linkage between the holder and the person from whom the legacy is claimed
  • Supreme Court on Tuesday held that a certificate issued by the Gram Panchayat secretary or executive magistrate by itself was ―no proof of citizenship‖
  • Merely acknowledged shifting of residence of a married woman from one village to another

  • Page-10-Pak. textbooks glorifying war: UNESCO
  • Global Education Monitoring Report 2017-18 of United Nations Educational, Scientific and
    Cultural Organization (UNESCO), released on Monday, expresses concern over school textbooks in many countries glorifying war and military heroes rather than teaching peace, non-violence and reconciliation
  • 10% of the textbooks across the world include explicit statements on the need for
    conflict prevention and resolution.
  • Textbooks in Pakistan that focus on militarism, wars with India and differences between
    Hindus and Muslims.
  • Pakistani textbooks published after a 2006 curriculum reform still emphasised wars with India and largely ignored peace initiatives
  • Indian history textbooks from 2002 put the blame on Pakistan and contained clear bias
    against Muslim elements in the region‘s history.
  • Not fraud but business failure, says Mallya
  • Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is the only valid candidate in the fray for the
    election to the party president‘s post,
  • Party to set date for takeover on Dec. 13
  • China, India vow to protect globalisation
  • Heads of planning agree to •ght neo-protectionist tendencies across the world
  • Top economic planners of India and China on Tuesday set the goal of leading a new
    wave of globalisation by synchronising their emerging economies.
  • RBI cautions public again on bitcoin
  • Single bitcoin, which is not regulated by any monetary authority, had skyrocketed to up to
    $11,000 last week in a rally which puzzled watchers

  • Page-12-UAE and Saudi form new group, separate from GCC
  • UAE on Tuesday announced it has formed a new economic and partnership group with Saudi Arabia, separate from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a move that
    could undermine the council amid a diplomatic crisis with Qatar.

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