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The Hindu Editorial News Analysis 12th Dec 2017

  • Media coverage of peacekeeping operations is an area with many gaps
  • China rising
  • Beijing has become the largest troop contributor among permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC).
  • More importantly, China is now the third largest contributor to the UN’s regular budget
  • Second-largest contributor to the peacekeeping budget.
    Fears about its military and economic strength.”
    UN, especially funds — India’s contribution is only 0.737% when compared
    to China’s 7.92% and the U.S.’s 22%.
  • 2015, China committed standby force of 8,000 peacekeepers and a permanent pol
    ice squad for UN operations.
    In addition, there is a 10-year $1 billion China U.N. peace and
  • Development fund and $100 million in military assistance to the African Union.
  • Impacting India
  • Chinese involvement in peacekeeping with its higher funding contributions
    will put Beijing in the driver’s seat in formulating peacekeeping mandates,
    thereby affecting India in more ways than one
  • Chinese opposition to India’s candidature for a UNSC seat and its repeated
    vetos on the Masood Azhar issue are unwelcome indicators.

In an elite club

  • Wassenaar Arrangement strengthens India’s
    credentials as a responsible nuclear power
  • Formal acceptance as a responsible nuclear power.
    Non-signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
  • Aim is “to contribute to regional and international
    security and stability, by promoting transparency
    and greater responsibility in transfers conventional
    arms and dual-use goods and technologies,
    thus preventing destabilising accumulations.”
  • Membership last year of the MTCR.
  • India’s e•orts at the NSG were stopped by China
  • Australia Group, which focusses on biological and
    chemical weapons, may be easier to crack given that
    China is not a member.

Powering rural healthcare

  • Providing solar-powered systems across primary health centres can improve health outcomes
  • Around 38 million Indians rely on health facilities without electricity.
  •  Without access to regular power supply, numerous life-saving interventions cannot be
  • In rural India, PHCs provide the last-mile delivery of healthcare services.
  • The Rural Health Statistics 2016 data find that India has around 25,000 PHCs
  • Facility Survey data indicates that one in every two PHCs in rural India is either
    unelectrified or suffers from irregular power supply
  • Solar power for healthcare in Chhattisgarh is a crucial opportunity, with evidence
    that scaling this initiative can meet national and regional ambitions for energy access
    and improved health outcomes.

For clean air, India needs a policy leap

  • The way to curb pollution is to tax carbon.
  • Only then will households look for greener substitutes
  • Commission on pollution and health states that around 19 lakh people die prematurely
    every year from diseases caused by outdoor and indoor air pollution
  • Lungs(फे फड ़ों) of children who grow up in polluted environments like Delhi are 10% smaller compared to the lungs of children who grow up in the U.S.
  • Since the early 2000s, carbon emissions have increased because of high growth in the Indian economy
  • India’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels
  • Solution
  • Part of the carbon revenue thus generated can be used for a systemic overhaul of the energy mix, which, to a large extent, would address the pressing problem of environmental
  • Needs to be remodelled through investments in clean renewable sources of energy like solar,
    wind, hydro, geothermal
  • Grid upgrades, and industrial efficiency.
  • Problem with carbon tax. It’s regressive in nature — it affects the poor more than the rich
  • Private and government alike — will be available for every household.
  • This energy mix overhaul requires an additional 1.5% of GDP (to the current
    annual level of 0.6%) annually over the next two decades
  • Assuming that the Indian economy grows at 6% per annum and the population is likely to
    rise from 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion over the next two decades
  • policy not only curbs emissions but also delivers on providing more employment since
    the employment elasticity in greener forms of energy is higher than those in
    fossil fuel based energy
  • More than 3% of India’s GDP currently spent on pollution-induced diseases will surely
    come down.
  • If we want to breathe to live, India needs to make such a policy leap(छल ांग).

Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1– Rahul Gandhi era begins for Congress
  • Elected unopposed, he will formally take over on Dec. 16
  • Page-2– Nagaland’s tourism showpiece attracts record visitors
  • Hornbill Festival gets 2,43,214 visitors, more than twice last year
  • Celebration held every year from 1 – 10 December, in Nagaland, Northeast India.
  • It is also called the ‘Festival of Festivals’.
  • Page– ISRO developing a compact launcher for small satellites
  • Will be capable of putting 500 to 600 kg satellites in orbits
  • A low-cost small satellite launcher could be the next item on the menu of the Indian Space
    Research Organisation
  • Preliminary work to design and develop an ambitious small launch vehicle began about three months ago,
  • Page-12-Decision on Iran nuclear deal back in Trump’s court
  • A decision on the U.S.’s continued participation in the
    Iran nuclear deal could be back in President Donald
    Trump’s hands, as the Congress appears unable to
    gather support to amend an existing oversight law, as he
    had demanded.

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