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The Hindu Editorial Daily News Analysis – 12th Jan 2018


Professionalising arbitration(मध्यस्थता)

  • New Delhi International Arbitration Centre (NDIAC) Bill of 2018
  • Rapidly changing economic activities demand expeditious settlement of disputes
  • Aims to declare it as an institution of national importance
  • To inspire confidence and credibility among the litigants(वििादी)
  • Huge backlog in courts is another reason
  • International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR), which was set up in 1995
  • Appointment chairperson and members of the NDIAC having knowledge and expertise in institutional arbitration
  • Members hold office for three years and they will be eligible for re-appointment.
  • Bill says will conduct arbitration in a professional manner and in most cost-effective way.
  • Bill also proposes to set up a Chamber of Arbitration, which would have a permanent panel of professionals at the national and international levels
  • Arbitration Academy is to be set up by NDIAC to train arbitrators in India

A needless pursuit

  • It makes no sense for India, which prides itself on its multilingualism, to make a case for Hindi at the UN
  • Nations came together in the UN two working languages — English and French .
  • In 1973 Chinese, French, English, Russian, Arabic and Spanish were UN official languages
  • For Government of India, obtaining official language status for Hindi at the UN is an attractive way of enhancing its stature among languages
  • Current rules do not make it easy.
  • It may be possible for India to get the required two-thirds support.
  • However, it is apparent that it cannot get all these countries 129 out of 193 members,
  • To be precise — to share the expenditure, as the rules stipulate
  • Waste of resources to spend millions of dollars every year to fund the required translation and interpretation work
  • External A•airs Minister Sushma Swaraj has argued that Hindi is spoken not only in India, but also in Fiji, Suriname, Mauritius,Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.
  • It is quite strange to say as other Indian languages too are spoken in several countries.
  • Bangladesh has asked for official language status for Bengali in the UN, and theWest Bengal Assembly has passed a resolution supporting the claim
  • Congress MP ShashiTharoor pointed out in Parliament, the policy seems to assume that India will have only Hindi-speaking Ministers.
  • As a country known for its linguistic pluralism, India should not give an impression on the global stage that it has one pre-eminent language.

The ABC of the RTE

  • Free and compulsory education of children in 6 to 14 age group in India became a fundamental right when, in 2002, Article 21-A was inserted in the 86th Amendment to the Constitution.
  • This right was to be governed by law, as the state may determine, and the enforcing legislation for this came eight years later, as the (RTE) Act, 2010.
  • Act have enormous catalytic potential but that have gone – untouched & unnoticed.
  • Act envisaged that the state, i.e. State governments and panchayats, would aggressively ensure that each child is brought into the schooling system and also “retained” for eight years
  • Unfortunately, tracking dropouts very high
  • The problem now is more about dropouts than children who were never enrolled.
  • Most hard to reach,such as girls, the disabled, orphans and those from single parent families, the solutions have to be localised
  • Basic minimum standards such as provision for toilets, drinking water and classrooms.
  • Pupil-Teacher ratio
  • Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) database 2015-16, 33% of schools in country did not have the requisite number of teachers, as prescribed in the RTE
  • Varied from 100% in Lakshadweep to 16.67% in Bihar.
  • No meaningful teaching-learning is possible unless trained teachers are physically present at schoo
  • Think decentralisationl
  • Academic calendar will be decided by local authority, which, for most States and UnionTerritories, is the panchayat.
  • Vast cultural and regional diversities within the country such as local festivals, sowing and harvesting seasons, and even natural calamities
  • As a result of which schools do not function academically.
  • Panchayats, perhaps at the district level, decide the working days and holidays, this would not only exponentially increase attendance and teaching-learning but also strengthen local panchayats
  • A law is as good or as bad as its implementation- It is unfair to blame legislation



Prelims Focus Facts-News Analysis

  • Page-1,12- In a •first, collegium picks woman lawyer as SC judge
  • Indu Malhotra recommended for direct appointment
  • n a historic decision, the Supreme Court collegium, led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, unanimously recommended the name of senior advocate Indu Malhotra for appointment as a judge of the Supreme Court.
  • This is the •first time a woman lawyer has been recommended for direct elevation from the Bar
  • K.M. Joseph, who had quashed President‟s rule in that State, for
    the SC judge‟s post.
  • Page-8-Virtual Aadhaar ID: too little, too late?
  • Problems persist as many have already shared their 12-digit number with various entities, say experts.
  • Page-9– Dhingra to head SIT on 1984 riots
  • SC directs three-member team to submit •first status report in two months
  • The Supreme Court on Thursday appointed the
    former Delhi High Court judge, Justice S.N. Dhingra,
    as chairman of its Special InvestigationTeam (SIT), to
    further investigate 186 cases in connection with the 1984
    anti-Sikh riots


  • Page-12– SC asks for panels on Mullaperiyar dam
  • Prepare disaster management strategies: SC
  • Despite the Centre’s assurance that the Mullaperiyar dam is “safe,” the Supreme Court onThursday directed
    it to constitute a special committee to prepare for
    disaster management for the 122-year-old dam.

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